I will pay someone 20.00


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May 15, 2006
Ok I have money in my money bookers account.. But because it was put there with my mastercard I cant play with iitat the casinos. So I do know if i send it to someones money bookers account. and have them take 20.00 out of what i send and send the rest back then I can use it. if anyone here wants to help with this I will pay 20.00 . you can take it out of the balance I send you. No new people please. Only because i am kind of sketchy so to say. Thanks you guys. P.s . Also if anyone here uses epassporte. I would like to trade the funds I have in there as well.
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Send it to your own email address from Moneybookers and you should be able play after that...Try with few credits first...it has worked that way in the past...

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