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Dec 12, 2002
As I stated in an earlier post, I was paid directly to my NETeller account in 48 hours.

I took advantage of their $100 sign-up bonus offer and had no problems with them.

I play a lot of casinos and when I can get my money that quick, with no hassles, they deserve to be rewarded.

I am in no way, shape, or form connected to Sci-Fi. I do not have a website. I am only grateful for the courtesies they have provided me.
I have made quite similar experiences with Sci-Fi-Casino, they always paid me in about 48 hours, even when amounts were higher than $1000.

They have been very generous with promotions, their customer service has been excellent and very friendly.

I am not in the position to judge other people's experiences from the past nor to guarantee anything for the future since I am just a player. But from my personal experience I do not see any reason why they should remain on the Rogue List. :cool:
I haven't played there (sci-fi) for quite some time but when I did I always got treated very well and got very quick payouts.Before I would deposit I would go to their home site and connect "live" to a sci-fi rep and ask what kind of bonus they could give me if I was to deposit some money and can't remember when I didn't get something for my effort.The only reason why I stopped playing at their site was because I stopped playing at ALL RTG establishments because of reading complaint after complaint about shady(not slim) RTG casinos and figured it was only a matter of time before I got burned.I can honestly say though that I personally never have been denied my money owed to me and have never had any problems with this site whatsoever and always had very quick payouts and good bonuses(that were given instantly by the way)and feel you probably should clear their name unless you get an influx of players stating "Hang em high" for reasons yet unherd.Brian,wine is also good proof of gods love for us.-gary m
I recently won over 2500 here, and I really thought I had been ripped off and they weren't going to pay me. It turns out the problem was my own fault. Thier email address has a number of dashes in it, and I ended up emailing the wrong email address several times.

Also, one of thier CSR's accused me of fraud, in the online chat. (But didn't explain to me the bj requirement was 15x)

This was resolved once I finally did get the right email and contacted management. Since then, I was paid in full (and very quickly). I now have made a number of other deposits and withdrawals, and have always been paid very quickly. I immediately posted a retraction to my negative comments on Winneronline.

Despite my personal situation, I do believe Sci-Fi had many problems in the past, especially the Ted M situation. I've always personally felt that Ted M got screwed by Sci-Fi. There is no excuse for a casino not keeping proper accounting records. Granted that the player admits not keeping the complete records either (as per Julie at Gambling Grumbles). But, the burden of proper record keeping should always be on the casino. Kudos to Julie for working so hard for a settlement. :)

I also have read many of the player disputes from later 2001 and WOL, and am not convinced that Sci-Fi did the right thing. I think certain players were not treated fairly. They retroactively took back previously granted bonuses, when a player was accused of violating terms. This, in itself, rings alarm bells with me. I think there is no worse crime a casino could commit. Also, at that time, craps play was allowed, but thier terms didn't explain which plays were excluded. This is the casino's fault. Most of those players have not been paid. Was this just used as an excuse to screw players out of thier winnings?

So -- I have very mixed feelings here. I am glad that I haven't read any major complaints about Sci-Fi in the last 6-8 months. Management seems to really have improved the way it does business, and the way it treats customers. They payout very quickly (24-48 hours), and live chat is extremely helpful. Also they have $1 bj and Pontoon. Bonuses are above average.

On the other hand, I do not believe thier past crimes can be forgiven (just as in the GP situation), and I know 3 players that claim they have not been paid from thier disputes of late 2001.

~B, Although I agree with your decision to remove Sci-Fi from your rogue listing, I am unsure if I agree with your decision to redeem them completely, just yet. I am a little surprised you didn't wait MORE TIME before granting them a redemption.
Who's been redeemed? No one yet. Please reread the title in the newsletter/webcast etc. It contained a question mark as in "redeemed?".

I am merely considering it since one of their managers has approached me an asked to be removed from the rogue section; they are still there.
I seen this thread in the new letter and thought i drop buy and ngive you my 2 cents on this casino.

I have hit 2 large jackpots at Sci Fi in the past 3 months both almost 2k pots and I was paid with no problems with in 48 via Neteller
But then again I hardly ever take bonus's seems when I do I really got to watch it, so I rather just take my chances with the money I have and let them keep theres.
I have confirmed that the manager with the alias "Mark Delano" is still there running things.

Most of the CSR's/supervisors have not changed since late 2001.
Thus far the posts here and elsewhere on Sci Fi seem to be more positive than negative, which is encouraging.

Perhaps Delano and his merry men and women have learned a thing or two about client relationships and integrity since their disastrous performance back in '01.
Well - if it's still the same people they know where to start (correcting old wrongdoings).
Does this mean that Golden Palace is going to be redeemed soon too? :rofl:
Looking at this as a matter of scale the GP affair was considerably more prejudicial to many players, and the conduct of management worse.

I personally believe that judgements should be based on principle and fact although scale should be a factor, and if Sci Fi is "redeemed" then assuming GP applied they should be given the same consideration for consistency and fairness. That sticks in my craw after their behaviour in the past, but it should be done should they apply if we are to be consistent.

Their management had criminal convictions and did some pretty awful, dishonest and arrogant things back in 2000, which many people will find it hard to forgive. But it has to be said that there have been few complaints against them over the past year or more to my knowledge.

I personally think that Jyde has a point here - settle the old player issues (the one's you can still locate) before getting a clean bill of health.
I was just kidding jetset, I didn't actually mean GP should be redeemed. I still wouldn't go near them.

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