I ts strange "SPORTINGBET "


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I play in this casino more than 6 months. During this time how many I wouldn't play in slots (NETENT, QIUCKFIRE) there is a window with an inscription "the Account of the player is blocked". I addressed in support of this casino - to me answered that this window appear during technical works
But I play already long time - really I constantly get for technical works? Earlier support spoke to me that the solution requires 3 days, now I am spoken "About indefinite time", that is they can't tell me because of at all those there are constant mistakes.
I would like to hear the representative of "SPORTINGBET" спортингбет.jpg


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I don't believe there is a rep for Sportingbet on this site.

Do you mean you frequently get locked out, or have tech problems gone on and on for the casino games? I think that might be a language problem.

What I see in your screenshot is just Casino Error... MG flash casinos and the Quickfire platform both use this, and it doesn't have to do with account being locked, just the game won't play. Quickfire casinos seem to encounter more difficulty with this, some more than others.

If it's constant and you don't enjoy your play, find another casino, preferrably one from the accredited list, or at least with a rep here on Casinomeister so you have someone to offer you assistance if problems arise.


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Thenk you !!!

excuse - but my English probably not really good.
To me recommended your forum as the best forum on gamblings.
My account isn't blocked in a casino "Sportingbet", me why that don't let in to play on slots. There are mistakes which I have codes - 1,2,0. Or there is a window with the message "the Account of the player is blocked". But I come into a casino under login and the password
And on slots NETENT awning leave the message that "slots are inaccessible"


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Language problem.

The symbol used with this error message is the red circle with white line through the middle. This is usually understood to mean "no entry" or "blocked". I suspect it's this symbol that leads the OP to believe this is an account blocked issue, rather than the generic text that really tells one nothing about the problem.

Casino errors 0,1,2 have plagued Microgaming for years. They are displayed to the player as though they indicate the nature of the problem and the action to be taken. Worse, CS are often clueless and can blame the player. Various discussions have been had about this, but we don't seem to be much closer to a solution. The latest theory is that it is indeed the fault of Microgaming, as the errors are due to them allocating too little capacity on their servers for the number of players a particular operator has online at a given time. This leads to an overload, which players see as constant disconnects with "casino error 0,1, or 2, or "the reels just keep spinning for ages" type problems.

The solution is for Microgaming to increase allowed capacity for those operators experiencing problems, however for players, using the casino "off peak" can mean a smoother playing experience with the current capacity allowance.

The problems can also be a sign that the players' own internet connection is playing up, and one test, if possible, is to use a wired "old school" type connection rather than the usual WiFi. If this reduces the problem, then getting a better router or home WiFi network can help.


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thenk you :)

Yes, of course, I agree with you - I had problems with the wireless equipment, but I eliminated them. I noticed that from 2013 to 2014 many casino on PLAYTECH and Microgaming software, both with licenses, and without licenses opened. But all of them assure that this real software which to them was provided by the producer
I as noticed the following - if I on balance have money, these games don't play as soon as I take out means - slots are again available.
If at Microgaming weak servers - that why in the same time of NETENT it is inaccessible? These are different producers of the software


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Попробуй поиграть через прокси или через VPN, возможно, твой провайдер что-то блокирует.
Кроме того, спортингбет - это букмекер, лучше играть в нормальных казино, например РедБет или Бет365.

Try proxy or VPN, it is possible that your ISP is blocking something.


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Привет !!!(Hi!!!)

Я играю без VPN - провайдер меня не блокирует - 100%. Играю я только в несколько слотов - это RETRO REELS и в Лайв казино Холдем
I am play free- i am not have block provider for casino on line. i am play only RETRO REELS and Casino Holdem