I tried out Twin Casino - the good and the bad


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Dec 22, 2016
Canada - West Coast
:) GOOD TWIN: I won $100 prize drop while playing there for the 1st time!
:mad: EVIL TWIN: Won't honour the Christmas Welcome Bonus they offered me, citing that I never claimed it on deposit. (Not true BTW).

I haven't tried out a new casino for a long time. Like everyone, I already have my favourites. But I read the favourable reviews here and saw the $5 bonus offer, so I gave it a go. I liked the look of Twin Casino and the games so I signed up on my mobile. They were offering a 100% deposit bonus and 100 free spins. I rarely ever take bonuses because most of them are dodgy highway robbery, but I decided to try it. I was very careful when I claimed the bonus: I read and re-read the bonus invitation email Twin sent me, I read all the T&Cs. I checked the dates and if there was any minimum . . . you get the picture. I deposited $25 and claimed their Welcome Bonus.

I saw that my balance was $25 after depositing. I didn't think much of it because I thought I needed to fulfill the 30x wagering requirements before I received the bonus money. Right now, Twin has a prize drop promotion on Yggdrasil games, I chose "Aldo's Journey." After a little while, I won a prize drop of $100. Hooray! Twin Casino is the new belle of the ball in my books! After about an hour of playing, I wanted to check where I was at with the wagering requirements. I couldn't find it and I contacted Chat:
Chat 2019.12.07

Hey *ShadyFei*!
Welcome to my chat. How may I help you today?
Hi, I made my first deposit about an hour ago and I have been playing the wagering requirements for the welcome bonus. Where can I see my progress?
you don´t have any bonus balance in your account
it´s all real money
What? I claimed the welcome bonus when I deposited.
No you haven´t
there is no claimed bonus in your account
so all the money on your balance is real money right now
but no worries, the Welcome Offer is still available for you on your next deposit
I did. Twin sent me an email and everything. I double-checked to make sure everything was correct and in order before I deposited. What happened?
you haven´t claimed the bonus while depositing
i will show you
I did. Why isn't it showing up?
you didn´t hehe
etc, etc, this "he said, she said" goes in for another 15 minutes.
Bottom line: :)
I KNOW I claimed that bonus when I deposited. But Twin Customer service agent argues that I didn't and will not remedy the situation. He says I should have contacted them right away but now there is nothing they can do. Too bad, no welcome bonus for ShadyFei.

Really Twin? I know it's just a Welcome bonus but this is disappointing has really put a bee in my bonnet! I followed all the rules and did everything I supposed to do. Can the rep for Twin Casino have a look into this for me? All I want is the welcome bonus I was offered when I deposited. I mean, it's Christmas. :cheers:
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Twin Casino is a highly recommended, vetted, Accredited Casino at Casinomeister
I've done this to myself a couple times.. Clicking the bonus in email or on your bonus page does not activate it, it merely takes you to the deposit page, where you then have to click the tab to turn bonuses on and click the bonus ;-)

There are worse ways to find out though than being told all the funds in your account are yours..
Got to give credit to Twin Casino. I logged on today and the bonus and free spins were in my account.
Awesome! Faith restored. Thanks, @Twin !
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hi ShadyFei!

Thanks for the feedback, always truly appreciate that.
Glad to see that faith was restored in the end as well!

Should you have any further issues while playing, please contact me and we shall fix always try and sort it out,

Kind regards,

Head of Casino
I frequently have issues claiming deposit bonuses, including times I KNOW I activated the claim bonus slider. I notice, and support have always made sure I got it. Mind you, I ask before commencing play.

Snagged a couple of prizes on the bonus drops, nice balance boosters.
Twin Casino is a highly recommended, vetted, Accredited Casino at Casinomeister

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