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I think this is only the beginning...

Discussion in 'America the Beautiful' started by august2153, Apr 19, 2011.

    Apr 19, 2011
  1. august2153

    august2153 Dormant account PABnorogue

    Unemployed Executive Assistant, Legal Assistant, A
    @ my computer...
    I am in the usa and i have a few microgaming accounts where i deposit regularly.

    Here is what i received from platinum play today...

    anybody else from the usa with mg account get anything like this?

    Dear Carolyn,

    As you may be aware, certain unfortunate circumstances have recently affected the ability of parties to process online gaming transactions in certain regions.

    This means that we will no longer be able to accept deposits from you.

    Even though our ability to accept and transfer funds has been severely impaired, we will endeavor to honor all withdrawal requests as soon as possible.

    Your account will remain open for the time being should you wish to play through any remaining balances.

    Best regards,
    The Platinum Play Team

    (sorry...did not see the other post about same subject...maybe it can be merged or deleted
  2. Apr 19, 2011
  3. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt CAG MM

    i got it also :mad: next they will come for your first born child :rolleyes:

    ps did i say that G W Bush is at fault with his cronies
  4. Apr 20, 2011
  5. Brooklyn

    Brooklyn Dormant account

    Mommy, Make-up Artist, Writer.
    On the Hot Mess Express
    This really sucks, and I think online casinos are in a panic. Once the dust settles we will see what's in store for us USA players. I can't deposit anymore..anywhere..and it's really starting to piss me off.:mad:
  6. Apr 20, 2011
  7. ksech

    ksech Dormant account

    Hmmm, very interesting. I had asked in two other threads if anyone saw the poker domain seizures as a threat to US players in online casinos and most were under the impression it would have no effect. Doesn't seem to be that way now....
  8. Apr 20, 2011
  9. reda

    reda Senior Member PABnonaccred

    cleaning bussiness
    well i wasnt much worried until now. one day at a time i guess, who knows maybe tomorrow ill try to log in my casino accounts and i could be locked out. :eek2:
  10. Apr 20, 2011
  11. cash4all

    cash4all Dormant account PABnonaccred PABaccred

    United States
    It also makes you wonder if the government is going to start to look at US Bank accounts too to see where transactions are coming from.....this is really starting to look like "Big Brother" telling us what we can and cannot do with our own money! I am not happy about this at all!
  12. Apr 20, 2011
  13. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt CAG MM

    but if your in the loop like congressman tierny's wife about 90 days ago

    Patrice Eremian Chew Tierney, aka Mrs. John Tierney. Gets indicted for laundering millions in ill-gotten gains for her brother, a fugitive gangster, and when she gets caught, she tells the judge she’s depressed and gets fined $2,500. . . .
    And what does John Tierney say on behalf of his felon wife?
    “Today’s not about me
  14. Apr 20, 2011
  15. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    I find it astonishing that the feds pursue the online gambling issue with such fervour and energy, clearly devoting millions of dollars, manpower resources and time, when there are so many real criminal activities that they could be hunting down and eliminating.

    Here we have a non-violent pastime that is clearly in strong demand by millions of Americans, carried out generally in the privacy of their homes and before their own computers, funded with their own discretionary income and as a matter of personal choice.

    There are no clear and specific statutes against it, yet the DoJ can wield its opinion that internet gambling is illegal to destroy companies, reputations, fortunes and personal freedoms.

    The mind just boggles.
    19 people like this.
  16. Apr 20, 2011
  17. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    I think the reasons behind this are only truly revealed if we "follow the money". IMO this whole thing makes a lot more sense if you look at it as (continued) protectionism -- keeping American dollars out of the hands of foreigners -- and a fairly successful racket the Feds have found for diverting other people's money into their own coffers (re the huge settlements we've seen in the past). Doubtless there are some American private interests who stand to profit from the whole dirty business as well. US money brokers love "free trade" as long as it means they are free to get rich from the trade of others but the idea of American $$$ bleeding off to parts unknown is not a part of the picture they're willing to accept. As ever, it's all about the Benjamins.
    2 people like this.
  18. Apr 20, 2011
  19. Rhyzz

    Rhyzz Experienced Member

    Online Gaming
    United Kingdom
    I don't quite understand the logic behind these recent closures on the US market. These operators have been taking US bets for a good number of years now since UIGEA, do they really think that stopping now will mean they will go undetected and unpunished should the FBI and DoJ decide to chase the 'smaller' people? I think they're living in a dream land if they do, because I'm quite sure the US will have been keeping tabs on everyone for some time.
  20. Apr 20, 2011
  21. Tengil

    Tengil Senior Member

    Worth to note is that online gambling only produces costs to US economy. So they have their right to defend themself against a harmful activity if you look at it from that point. So they would have economical arguments. Gambling is always a losing business for a "normal" country, whatever it being on- or offline.
    Gambling will of course always exist so the only way seems to be strong regulation like they have in France.

    Also the majority of US citizens are against online gambling.
  22. Apr 20, 2011
  23. 3mptyseat

    3mptyseat Quit Gambling PABnonaccred

    Pressing Buttons
    California de Norte
    Eric Holder and Barry Osama are the key differences

    And it took them awhile to get their ducks in a row... But I have recently had a bank account seized and I have no doubt in my mind, that this has less to do with justice and more to do with bankroll. The more the D of J confiscates, declares ill-gotten, and stacks in their coffers, the larger their bankroll gets.

    And though it makes no sense in the wake of unprecedented federal debt, it makes plenty of sense as these two egotists attempt to make another run for 4 years... Hope and change indeed. I 'hope' I am allowed to "change' my citizenship if these draconian rulers are allowed to continue unchecked thru 2016...

    My grand total of funds in limbo since EWX went under to Mr. Holder and his band of deputized (anti)Justice-leaguers is now over $11k with this bank account being reviewed for "possible violations of patriot act provisions..." and another $700 locked up at pstars...

    I love this country. But I fucking hate this government...
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  24. Apr 20, 2011
  25. rkj87

    rkj87 Dormant account webby

    Beer Drinking Bum
    Can anyone tell me why Stars, Absolute, Fulltilt etc. were still relying on their .com domains!? I mean, they should've known it would be easy for the FBI to close em down if they run their domains at Godaddy.com :D

    Check Calvin Ayre for more
  26. Apr 20, 2011
  27. lots0

    lots0 Banned User - troll posts - flaming PABnonaccred

    I do nothing productive
    Hell on Earth
    There are casinos that are still taking deposits and withdrawals are being processed, as usual. ;)

    We saw the same kind of knee jerk reactions from some casinos and poker rooms after the UGIEA was passed... and then again when it went into effect...

    On a different subject:
    Anyone want a laugh? I just had a little psyco monkey tell me, that RIVAL and it's white labels pulled out of the US market now... in hopes that they will be allowed into the US market, after the smoke clears and there is regulation.... :lolup:
  28. Apr 21, 2011
  29. gloria460

    gloria460 Meister Member

    I'm wonderin after the republicans snuck the UIGEA into a bill at the very last minute without the dems being aware is what was in it for them and why are they so against internet gambling.

    Obviously they don't want it here and they don't want us playing over in someone's elses backyard...;)
  30. Apr 23, 2011
  31. jetset

    jetset Ueber Meister CAG

    Senior Partner, InfoPowa News Service
    For my money most governments are getting far too deeply involved in the private affairs of their citizens - it's happening everywhere under the guise of fighting terrorism, closing tax havens down, plain moralistic interference or the latest - austerity measures.

    Everywhere you look nowadays governments are over spending or throwing money around for mainly political reasons, necessitating ever deeper invasions of the tax payers' pockets and declining respect for the privacy and right of choice of individuals.

    The imbalance of this assault on online gambling is imo just another example of an international trend towards an increasingly autocratic approach by the people who are supposedly elected to serve the electorate.

    I think it's because online gambling is an easier target than porn, phishing, internet fraud, organised crime or the myriad other more reprehensible forms of behaviour, which do not seem to be addressed with anything like the fervour that has characterised the dubious enforcement and law-making surrounding internet gambling.

    It just seems that official intrusion into everyday life is becoming more onerous and pervasive every year.

    Quite a good op-ed article by the PPA chairman in the Washington Post this weekend, btw.
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  32. Apr 23, 2011
  33. lots0

    lots0 Banned User - troll posts - flaming PABnonaccred

    I do nothing productive
    Hell on Earth
    I suggest you watch a Movie named "Casino Jack"
    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    The corruption this movie reveals in our government is staggering.

    The U.S. Senators that were involved with passing the UGIEA are as crooked as they come, the Mafia could learn from them...

    Frist, who was the Republican Senate majority Leader and his Crooked Senator buddies were taking money from the Land Based Native Casinos to keep online gambling illegal and at the same time taking money from online gambling, who wanted legalization... You can easly figure out who paid more...
    2 people like this.
  34. Apr 23, 2011
  35. slotplayer

    slotplayer Webmeister webmeister

    Well Fox said when reporting the poker seizures the industry was worth $24 billion.
    I do remember a site saying it was worth $12 billion some years ago with $6 billion coming from the US. Not sure how accurate that info was.

    However, I would imagine some of the reasons they're against it are protectionism, morals and economic. Every $1 deposited in an offshore casino is not a $1 that is available to help stimulate the US economy.
  36. Apr 23, 2011
  37. nisosbar

    nisosbar Ueber Meister PABnonaccred

    Right here
    That's a silly claim, IMO, but it's not the first time I've seen it here.

    The amounts you are talking about, per player, are likely very small, both in absolute terms and relative terms when comparing the sums to sums lost to business lending with regard to Americans who maintain accounts overseas, in offshore tax havens, or even amounts invested directly in offshore businesses. Last I knew, none of those practices are explicitly illegal, even though it results in revenue losses to the US government, and state and local governments. (Note I am not talking about tax evasion, which has always been highly illegal.) In fact, I've seen data that offshore banking costs governments $ Trillions. Yet, it's a practice that is more popular than ever.

    Further, consider the arguments which have been employed in selling tax cuts - 'when you let people keep and spend their own money, the economy magically improves and generates new jobs for everyone.' Yes, voodoo economics is what it is, but many of our elected officials seem to operate along that line of reasoning. Yet, when it comes to online gambling, this principle does not apply, mysteriously.
  38. Apr 27, 2011
  39. takethemoney

    takethemoney Banned User - Chargebacks at Slotastic

    Sadly this is probably going to prop up the rogues who still can / will accept deposits. Expect more complaints.

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