I think some casinos are tightining its grip


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Nov 18, 2004
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because of the recession.

I am doubting the numbers of customers are decreasing around starting from
the collapse of Lehman.

I've been hitting slots for months at the same casino, but obviously the number
and the hit amount seem to be decreasing.

And "Manager Bonus" stuff started to come earlier as soon as I make deposit
and lose.

Doesn't anybody notice any change??


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Feb 19, 2009
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Well, I think that when talking about land based casinos you can generalize more than with online casinos. The reason being that land based casinos are more of a consolidated industry, where as online gambling is a vibrant industry that is still in its infancy.

I have heard one of the more established gambling sites are feeling the pinch of the recession (rumor has it, not a fact), and it makes sense, since they have a very deep market saturation, so they have a good feel for its pulse.

However for new casinos like Vegas Regal Casino, we are expanding like crazy, we wouldn't believe there is a recession if it wasn't for the fact that a bunch of my family back home (in good ol' USA) are unemployed and we also listen to our customers, the news, etc.

Anyway, for new companies like us, we are experiencing huge growth.

I would also dare say the specific markets a casino is targeting will influence. For example, casinos targeting Spanish speaking players from Spain (where there is a 19% unemployment rate) are going to feel the recession more than casinos targeting some Asian countries like China which are currently in boom (and about 4% unemployment).

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