I quit!

If you are not having fun, don't do it. Myself, I think I might have a harder time giving up CM than giving up online gambling. Maybe over time if I wasn't gambling online I'd lose my (hopefully) ability to contribute meaningfully.

I had to laugh at X-Raided and his cheap wife. Reminded me of going into the bar one night and telling a not very flattering story about myself and my honey at the 24 hour overpriced grocery. It's okay to go in and buy some over-priced snack food since you want it. But I basically had a meltdown over him paying $7 too much for a package of battery at the checkout. I asked if he needed them that night, and he didn't. Told him I'd just give him a package tomorrow from my drawer at home, but don't buy them. He's huffy and it's my money and I can waste it if I want to. I'm a really careful shopper, and was still a single mom back in those days.

So the boys were teasing me... oh, you want to save his money, must be our money now, lol.

So, I'm OH, I forgot, you all want the girls that want to spend all your money, not save it.

Maybe you had to be there, but it was a good laugh all around.
Nah , the guy is unlikely to be romantic and will argue with his spouse , whoever she is, all day long. He will need a pure listener.

Crikey, can you imagine the wedding speech? Imagine the Gettysburg Address with War And Peace afterwards........:D

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