I quit online gambling and getting back to land based casinos!


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Nov 29, 2017
Or just quit gambling?

That's such a onliner to say, lol. The thing is the fun, action and enjoyment is nowhere to be seen in days at online playing compared to landbased. There are some folks here who believe that online actually does alot better, but my opinion on that one is that those never had a good experience in a landbased let alone had a footstep inside a good landbased casino in the first place. I'm pretty sure that online maths are crafted in such a way that people will lose money over time and that there's hardly a significant win to overcome my avg game loss.

I had a very simple tactic in Landbased. Take 600 to 1000 with me, and try 200 on each and different machine. If it does'nt hit after playing 200 > move on to the next one. At least one out of 5 will hit and either sets you straight or puts you ahead. Gambling eventually all comes down to being at the right moment at in this case, a slot. Nothing more. Online you are going to wager perhaps twice as hard before sometimes starts to hit. And it just frustrates even harder the thing teasing or throwing the most useless bonus on the planet ever.

I've done a rage-run of depositting over 3500 in approx 3 hours. I could afford it since i won elsewhere a easy 10k. So i was ready for the gamble. Whatever i did, which slot i started to pound on, all failed miserably. Then it hit me; that the 'redistribution system' that Omnislots was having and talked about, was simply against me. There was no way i could overcome that on avg. Was this bad luck? No. I've bin having the same issues over and over again. The problem is not just me as a gambler, but the way a casino could decide on how to distribute it's winnings to players.

Landbased casino have this redistritution system as well, think of it as a block of 8 to 16 machines, player wagering equally distributed over a 80 to 92% avg RTP. At least it seems more fair to me then on online basis. You get a fair portion of action, wins and with some luck a handpay. When i watch streamers, and i'm talking the ones who are serious problem gamblers, who do not smile when winning 10 grand, or the ones who play for fun, both seem to show the same type of gaming behaviour. Out of all their avg winnings, their avg RTP is less then 60%. How come?

I have no idea. I am no expert at numbers and all that shit. What i do know compared to landbased, getting a significant win to overcome any avg loss seems much harder online then offline. Sure you could lose landbased as well, perhaps much harder at bad days. But come often, learn your machines and you'll know how to work it. Sometimes i believe that playing online comps you for your losses as well. I'm not sure how this is done, but it happens. Deposit big a day, lose it all, and the next days your winnings are all of a sudden skyrocket.

I think of it as player profiling. They have all yours bets, braking points, avg deposit, avg withdrawl, maths will take care of the rest, turn you inside out and have everything on paper still look legit. And the ones betting 60 pences getting the crazy x000 wins. All designed to make those start betting higher, bigger and faster. Because that is why maths are crafted. Not just to guarantee the casino's wagering upon every bet, but to lure in more and more gamblers that could ensure their profit on the long term.

If i'd setup a casino, i'd be straightforward to the games, RTP, TRTP i am offering and show that there are no hidden backdoors or anything of that. When i talk to a employee of a online casino, their only interest is to keep you playing. Remember that. When your inactive, they'll drop you a (unwanted) bonus money into your account. Sudden luck may arrive at that moment where winnings are hitting the roof. Boom, your back at it again. And they have you about right where they want you.

Gambling takes alot of discipline. Know when to quit, know when to withdrawl, and know when not to deposit in the first place. Master these and you can eventually come out straight on the long term. I woud'nt bet just on one casino only. Play a few, win big, never come back. Because it always seems strange to me after winning big, withdrawling, any slot seems about dead as a karkas in the desert. This brings me back to the point of player profiling. They have all the tools to bring your complete playing behaviour on the map. Why shoud'nt they?

It's 2019. Big data. More and more landbased casino's are switching from the older style of games with huge volatility and payouts to more entertaining, lower paying slots in general. Games on consoles or PC's that come with lootboxes and all sorts of gambling stuff. Just to increase their yearly revenue over and over. Dont be fooled. Or dont play at all if you cant control yourself. There is no such thing as a free money mule.