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Sep 19, 2002

I have seen I Net Bet listed as a member casino here www.casinomeister.com/ocma.html (OCMA), however it also appears to be running a reliable business, from a players point of view. Well at least, thats the finding of a bunch of players I have chatted with over the past month or three.

While indication is that it shares our personal information with other casinos which are members of the OCMA, that is a direct contradiction of one of its own terms & conditions. Needless to say, an easy target for a legal case, if it were proven to be true.

With an obvious UK address & a half dozen nice looking banners, such as gambling.com awards, safebet logo etc. I do wonder if it should be "black balled" ?

Just me being curious, on the back of discussion with several members of a discussion based website :)

All opinions very much appreciated :)


Actually, this topic (OCMA) is in serious need for an update. Many of the casinos that were listed never knew that they were members. The owners of the OCMA just placed them up there to make themselves look good. Many of these casinos were outraged.

The OCMA no longer exists. In fact the domains have expired and are up for grabs. Any takers?? :)
iNetBet and it's manager Emily Hanson are one of the few stars among the casinos using RTG software and have been exhibiting professional customer care in recent months as far as I am concerned.

I doubt that they would be a willing and knowing member of the iniquitous OCMA and the crooks behind it.

Thanks for the responses.

Can we take it that I Net Bet is not on the "Nasty Casino Lists" anymore then ?
Hi to all at Casinomeister,

Just a quick post to say thank you, to both Bryan and Jetset for answering garrettod.
As they allude to, we were at no time aware of the existence of this site and have never participated in or agreed to any inclusion in their dubious business practices.

Thank you all and keep up the great work.
Kind regards.
Emily Hanson
Manager iNetBet

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