I need some help with FatBoss Casino


Dormant account
Jan 14, 2003
I am very new to these casino's and I found one that I realy like. fatbosscasino.com

I registered months ago and have been playing their games just for fun. Now I want to play for real! Everything looks good, min deposit by egold is 1 gram of gold ($11.41)US and min bet is only .001 gram of gold. perfect! Just what I want.

Here is my problem...... when I funded my fatboss casino account, I can't play the Java games anymore. I am running windows XP and internet explorer 6.0
I cashed out and the funds were sent back to my egold account in about 5 hours. Now I can play the games again for free.

I sent an email to the casino and their reply was.......We have inspected your casino account. There's no error in our systems. Our real gold games may not work with some particular browsers/systems/network settings due to security incompatibility. We are helpless to improve this. Please sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Customer Support Team

I would just like to know how I can get these games to work when I play for real as I realy do like this casino.

I also logged in on another computer runing windows 98 and the games worked just fine.

I have downloaded the virtual java machine, played with all my security settings and swore at my computer.....nothing helped.

Are there any window XP user's with the same problem?
Hmmm, don't know if I can help you out here. Their tech support people should be able to talk you through on this. But it may very well be your XP system.

Mary, is this an Elka System Casino? Its servers are in Russia (eww, watch out!). Has anyone played here?
if you are looking for an e-gold casino i think that thegoldcasino.com is the best casino out there..even though its licensed on Sealand and the software is designed in-house :rofl: another one is cloudcasino.com but i've never tried them myself and i would urge caution if you deal with them.. anyone knows what software cloudcasino uses? btw why is the elka software site down?? -
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gives me a
"page cannot be displayed link"
Probably something real simple to fix.

Looks like I'm off to check out cloudcasino.com

I'm just not real keen on placing $1 bets and having my gambling carear over in a flash.

Minium bet at fatbosscasino.com is only 1 cent.

Now, I know what your thinking...... Why dosn't he just play for fun? well, I think that if your going to play with real money, then why not start small and at least have some fun loosing all your money over a longer period of time.

anyway I'm just new at this and I was just wondering if anyone using the XP system have joined fatboss and is playing for real.

Thank you for responding to my question!

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