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May 5, 2006
Costa Rica
Not only about Kahnawake...about jurisdictions and licenses...

The Meister won't endorse casinos and sites located in my beatiful country of Costa Rica since we do not have a gaming comission who regulates us. I totally respect that. We should have one.

With all due respect, I have never respected ecogra's job. I rather go by the meister than those guys, and the other thing are the jurisdictions. For example Kahnawake has never showed me seroius commitment to regulate their sites.

First Question..

In order to be licensed by a Jurisdiction you business must be located within that territory right? Or can a UK site be under Antigua's jursdiction?

Second Question..

Who makes sure these guys giving these licenses are actually making sure these sites are running an honest and legit business??

Third Question...

Has anyone ever hada problem with a casino endorsed by Ecogra or "licensed" under a jurisdiction?

I am looking forward to here some comments

Appreciate it
That is a very good question and one I would like to hear about too.

I don't know anything about it, but as a player my impression is that most of the licenses and jurisdictions don't really carry much weight. I guess I trust ecogra and kanahwake sites more than some others, but it is mostly recommendations from other players that sways me most.
That is my concern

If a site shows a license from Kanhawke territory, is it suppose to bring security to the customer or that their site is legit?

I often see complains of tons of sites from this jurisdiction... I dont know if just having your business there is enough to get the license... Apparently it is.

On the other hand, Ecogra won watchdog of the year at gambling online magazine last year. Honestly, tons of casinos I have seen which also have a lot of problems endorsed by them.

I made a complain about a casino issue I had recently to them and their answer was that my complain was not worth it... Amazingly, the manager from that casino thanked me for my observations and he admited they were not doing good, even gave me a very nice bonus... So.. howcome ecogra says the site is good and the manager admits they are not????

I do know there are a lot of casinos out there.. some good some bad... I believe a serious and comitted authority should be on top of everyone ...
I have lost my respect for some jurisdictions and some watchdogs...

My adivse.. come to the meisters forum and look at what he has to say. His experience seems and is better than most clowns out there who apparently are just saling for a few bucks a logo to put in your website.
How do they help?

I am so glad that you ask about KAHNAWAKE. Who are they really?I made a complaint and never got a reply from them.I live in nevada and we have a gaming commission here.You get results.I'm gonna try again with KAHNAWAKE.apparently the members have to follow there laws and security.what i want to know is WHO'S security are they protecting?i did a cashout at a bingo site that has there logo.(there are like 12 or more sites that all connect)not all the sites are members with kahnawake.(thank goddness)the bingo site asked for me to prove who i am and where i live?no problem,i sent in a i.d and proof of address and birthdate.Well,they told me that what i sent in was not correct.they wanted a bank statement or credit card statement and birth cert.No way.I use netteller to deposit and make withdrawls.I don't trust the internet.i western union my funds to netteller.that's how i feel safe.I told the security department how i felt and asked why wasn't what i sent them good enough.They replied that they belong to KAHNAWAKE and they have to follow there ways.I am so angry that they are pushing for this information.first of all they had no problem in taking my deposits and letting me play,until i decided to cashout.I have hit a jackpot thur one of the connecting sites and had no problem in cashing out.a site that dosn't belong to KAHNAWKE.How are they helping the players,when i can't even get a reply?How do we know that this gaming commission is on the up and up?maybe all these casino became members just so they could use this logo to trick the players into thinking that they honest.Does any one really know how they help?(not a good writer,lol)
Thanks and keep them coming

Thanks everyone for their comments..

Here is the thing... I believe that in order for you to be under a jurisdiction your business must be within that territory.

I won't name casinos or sites.. but I have spotted some companies having their business under Kahnawake jurisdiction, but there operation on another country other than Canada... Is it me or is this just weird.

Take a look, one of them told me that their servers are in Canada. OK.. SO WHAT IS KAHNAWAKE JURISDICTION DOING? MAKING SURE THAT THEY PAY THEIR ELECTRICITY BILL...

So I belive that if I start my online sportsbook and casino in Haiti, pay $0.5 an hour, and get a crack head in canada which I pay a bottle of the cheapest wine a week for him to say that he is my Marketing Manager in Kahnawake that makes me part of their jurisdiction??????

sorry but I really want to learn more about these guys and how they "REGULATE" everyone... Day by day I have more the impression they sale their logo for $500 a site...
Actually, I met with the Kahnawake gambling commissioners last week at the GIGSE, and I now have a personal point of contact. You'll be able to read about this in this week's newsletter covering my exploits over there.

Oh, what a tease... :D
During my presentation I made a pointed reference to regulators who don't answer queries about their operators - and I am reasonably certain they were there and listening. They had a much bigger contingent this year than in past years.

To the Meister and Spearmaster...

I appreciate your comments, and looking forward for this week newsletter.

Anyone who has any comments or experiences I will like to hear about them.

I am quite dissapointed with a site I learned operated in my country and has a Kahnawake License... who is that possible???


I Have raised concerns and complaints about many of the casinos they license. I gave them the information they asked for and still got no response from them at all. I even wrote to their attorney and he only said he would forward my complaint. All the Kahnawake do is to get paid for a license and they give it out. Obviously they don't investigate complains. It is my understanding that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been and still might be investigating the Kahnawakes little scam they have going. I would say if Sitting Bull was still alive, you could get him to move off Indian land quicker then you can get the Kahnawake to do anything.
Isn't the Jackpot Factory Corporate offices in Australia or some where like that. I am of the mind that most of the casinos licensed by them are not in Canada.They should be definitely ROUGED
:mad: :confused:
Shirlsplay - I don't blame you for not wanting to send credit card or bank statements. Who knows who will have access to them after you send them, or if the casino will keep them safe.

It's hard to see why they need any of that anyway, especially since Neteller has already verified you, as well as your bank account.

Sorry, but I have to ask - why play online, when you live in Reno? Isn't your city chock-full of safe casinos, where you can cashout anytime you want, and get free drinks, to boot?
Some of the Kahnawake-licensed outfits are pretty solid - Spin Palace and the other Palace Group casinos, for example. But not all of the casinos licensed there have such good reputations. It seems to me that the best way to be sure is to play at a casino licensed in a jurisdiction such as Gibraltar or Alderney, where the requirements for getting a licence are really stringent. I'm not sure how hard it is to get a Kahnawake licence but I believe some of the casinos on the rogue/not recommended list are licensed there.

That said, both Starluck (subsidiary of PartyGaming) and 888 are rogued, but as they are both public companies listed here in the UK, I believe they're still safe places to play.

BTW Bryan will occasionally endorse casinos from Costa Rica, depending on the reputation they've built up.
laugh or cry


i vaguely remember quoting that if an online casino is Kahnawake licensed this makes the casino a safer place to play.

as far as i am concerned kaave.com still carries their logo.

a short while ago they have cancelled the membership of a member (one of many) and confiscated his 2500 dollars.

the reason was given as follows:

"your membership has been cancelled till the date 11/11/2211 12:53 pm because of a problem with your credit card"

the member had never deposited or withdrawn using his credit card. in fact it was impossible for him to do so. because he had never OWNED a credit card in his life.
Kahnawake territory

I can tell from the posts in this thread there are no Canadians who have responded.

I am a Canadian.

One thread suggested the RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating.

They can't, the Kahnawake Reservation is in the province of Quebec, however, our native population is self-governing.

They are not bound by the laws of Canada, pay no taxes to our Government, etc, etc.

The likelyhood of a casino or poker site actually having any physical presence on the reserve, ha.

As for the Kahnawake actually doing something, well lets just say you don't no much about our aboriginals.

Snow balls chance in hell would be the best way to describe it.

As a Canadian I steer away from anybody licensed by this particular group, know how they don't operate only too well.

Good luck even getting an acknowledgement from them much less any assistance.
The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, established on 10 Ohiar:ha/June 1996 pursuant to the provisions of the Kahnawake Gaming Law, MCR No. 26 / 1996-97, is presently comprised of three members appointed by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake: Alan Goodleaf (Chairperson), Mike Delisle Jr. and Iris Rice.

The Commission is empowered to regulate and control gaming and gaming related activities conducted within and from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in accordance with the highest principles of honesty and integrity.

Now, please note:
The Commission is empowered to regulate and control gaming and gaming related activities conducted within and from the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in accordance with the highest principles of honesty and integrity.

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