I need advice about a wiretransfer


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Sep 14, 2011
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Hi everyone,
Before I got to know this site and received some good education, I played and won money at Mayflower casino. I won $4000. Right after that is when they had the shutdown from the attack. I had already requested a withdraw of $1500. I was really angry to see only $500 come through. I contacted Daniel G. (this is before the meister closed his account on here) He said no worries, I would get my money. So on November 28th, he sent me an email saying good news, he was able to get them to send the remaining $3373.93. I was so excited. The money did not appear in my account that week but Daniel and I kept in contact via email and he said he would check if I didn't receive it by this past monday (dec 5th). So he sent me a wire transfer number and information that said my bank had received it November 28th and it was sitting there and they just needed to release it to my account. We called our bank several times and gave them the number and they couldnt find any record of the transaction. They then sent the information to their corporate office who in turn called us and said that a search would have to be done from Daniel G's side. I emailed him and he said sure, he can do it. He has been nothing but friendly and kind and I want to trust him but am worried that I am being scammed. I have heard that wiretransactions can be tricky to the USA but have never had a problem and note the first $500 made it without a hitch.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? Is there any advice? Note.....during this whole time, I also contacted the finance department at Mayflower on 3 different occasions and they never responded to my email.

Your imput is very welcome


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May 10, 2009
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Keep bugging them in anyway u can until you get your money. Its unlikely that ur money just got lost in cyber space, they should be able to find it. GL

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