I made a poker tool for tournament poker.


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Dec 1, 2005
If you play tournament poker you will often be in the situation where you have to decide wether to go all-in when you have low M-value. This online applet can help with our decisions for various M-values. You can enter opponents calling-range hands and you can also quick select tight/medium/loose/any two.

Hope you like it, if you have ideas for improvement I am all ears. It is an improved version of an applet I made year ago, now it is open for the public eye :)

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You have to be careful while running a software to help to improve your poker skills at the table at the same time. Some poker site don't allow software running while you play. You may want to read T&C agreement. They can run a scan if anyone running a software while you play. Get caught, you may lose all your money or/and closed your account.

Like PokerStar: You can't run SharkScope while the pokerstar software is running. They think is a cheat and unfair of other player. There should be some sort of list of what software you can run or can't run while you play at the same time.

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