I lost my virginity!

Good going!!

I've been playing VP for years it seems and it was only a few months ago I hit my first RF at 32Red. I hit another last month at Crazy Vegas. It's really a nice feeling of something accomplished.
seems to be a good month for Royals. i won 25,000 at thespinroom this month fo a 25 stake.
Hope it's the first of many.
You're not going to believe this but...

I just hit it again. I can't believe it, twice in 24 hours, is this some kind of record or something? God, I hope CoN aren't bastards about paying out first time winners. I've got something like 2k in cashouts still pending.

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What do you think? Can I go for three? I've left 225.00 in my bank roll at CoN. I'm sure as hell going to try ;)
I've hit 3 in a 5 day period twice last year. And technically had 5 in one 24 hour period last April. One of those was dealt on 4 line aces & faces, so not sure if that would count as 4 or just one.
I almost forgot, CONGRATS!!!

Which casino did you hit them at??
Thanks, guys! I've been having a blast ;)

Jpm, I hit them at Casino on Net. And actually, after having to fight tooth and nail to manage to withdraw my original deposit, I've been doing astoundingly well there these past several days.

I'm hoping to keep the streak going just a bit longer :) Mama needs a new fence!

Very, very nice. Congratulations!

My first two royals were hit within 48 hours of each other . . . And then I went almost a year before hitting another one. Just don't get to thinking you can hit one every day! :)

That's a beautiful picture, jpm!

Oh, and by the way, Casino-On-Net seems to be very good. You shouldn't have any problem. Just don't let their long waiting period make you want to reverse your withdrawals!
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Wtg Hussy. Hope you make enough for that fence!

Thanks Xianna, you don't know how nervous I was when I got dealt that hand. It was literally on my last $5 and I was half asleep and that came up. I had to take a screen shot and check the cards at least 3 times to make sure each and every one was held before I clicked the deal button to finalize the game. Took another screen shot after I hit collect too, then went to bed. I was a nervous wreck! First thing I did was check it in the morning when I woke up and the money was still there. It wasn't a dream after all!

I hope my day is coming near. I have been playing off and on for 5 years and still waiting to hit the royal. I have gotten four dueces before though.

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