I Know What I Saw


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First let me say that I have never seen a "UFO" nor do I know anyone who has admitted to ever seeing one. Heretofore I could have made the staff of Skeptic Magazine on the first interview. I still think 'truthers' (re: 9/11 conspiracy) really need to get a life and further that JFK conspiracy theorists should be locked away given the overwhelming evidence that Oswald acted alone.

But tonight I watched I Know What I Saw, a UFO documentary by James Fox shown on The History Channel. Being in the legal profession for over 20 years has taught me to look at the evidence. I now agree with the official French government's position on the subject. The most likely answer to about 5% of all UFO mysteries (i.e. 95% of them can either be explained or are total BS) is that of extraterrestrial visitation.


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I believe that aliens do exist. I believe they've taken residence on earth and I believe that most of them operate online casinos.

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