I know I said I wouldn't, but....


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May 12, 2009
Victoria Australia
I was bored last night & couldn't help myself :D - might have to find a night shift job, lol.

I downloaded a casino that had a 400% bonus & deposited $100, the WR was $12000 but I didn't mind cos with $500 at least I get a decent play. Now, being blonde & and having an absent memory I can't remember the type of casino it was but it had paydirt & t-rex in it :D Well, it was wonderful, every game I played I received free spins & got big payouts (I didn't take any screenshots tho :mad:) I managed to get my account up to $3500 which is more than I have made on an online casino ever. Then as soon as I was neared my wagering requirements the free spins stopped, my balance went down & down. When I finally hit WR I had $500 left, I wasn't complaining - hey, I only deposited $100 so it was great but I wanted to see if I could get up to a good payout like I did before or at least $1000 would have been nice & it would be my money with no WR. Anyway I played away exactly as I did before & got free spins I thought great, here goes & got less than my bet:what: I was pissed, I kept playing & got stuff all. I had 1290 in comp points & cashed those in & guess what? The free spins came back! As soon as I hit WR they stopped again. Is it just me or do others feel these casinos are totally rigged. That is most definately my last time playing online. I will keep this casino on my comp but from now on it will only be used for fun when I am bored :D

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