I know how to do screenshots now.


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Aug 4, 2005
Thank you Vinylweatherman and all the rest. He made it so simple and I finally can do it. Thank you.
Now I hope I get another big hit so I can share with all of you others. lol
Have a great day at the casinos everyone. Pray for all the people in the path of Wilma. I have a lot of family members in Florida and I told them to head for the hills.:eek2:
Thanks again, you don't know how that made my day.:notworthy

Wtg ! now someone teach me! I was playing thunderstruck and the the 5 goats for 1100 dollars and 15 free spins . Got nothing on the spins but I didnt care! lol Couldnt figure how to save it.

Wow , . 7 sultans credits neteller the next day. I am impresed:)

amatrine said:
...now someone teach me!...

"In Windows, you have two options. Press the Print Screen (or PrtScn) key on your keyboard to copy the entire screen to the clipboard. Press Alt-Print Screen to copy only the active window. Next you'll need to open an image editor (Microsoft Paint, which comes with Windows, is fine if you don't plan on doing any fancy editing), create a new file, and select Paste from the Edit menu."
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My suggestions:
-Irfanview (Freeware):
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-Save as (Format): GIF, JPG or JPEG (if possible)

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