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I just don't get it....

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by Mousey, Dec 29, 2014.

    Dec 29, 2014
  1. Mousey

    Mousey Ueber Meister Mouse

    Pencil Pusher
    There are several commercials currently running that have me rather puzzled... Here's a couple...

    One is where a couple lounges at home snuggled on the sofa together watching their fav movie (Princess Bride - one of my favs, too) on a tablet. What? The 60" flat screen HD TV over on the wall is broken? You make me watch a 2 hour movie on a tablet and my neck would be locked up, my hand and arm numb, and my eyes bleary....

    Another series of commercials that gripes me is the big boobed blonde pseudo Viking girl that jiggles and wiggles and gives inane speeches which rally the troops to fight in the ... shoot... what's the name... Game of War - a little game for phones and tablets, which... as best I can tell, the gameplay is absolutely nothing similar to realtime motion play implied in the commercial (unlike the PS3 or Xbox games commonly seen advertised) and should be yanked because they greatly misrepresent the game. I thought commercials had to be representative of what they're advertising?


    Just wanted to vent. Watched too many commercials today.... Back to watching the ballgame....
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  2. Dec 29, 2014
  3. suzecat

    suzecat Dormant account

    OMG:p hee hee :D

    Thought the second scenario was going to be about the babe rolling around on the bed talking about how viagra helps with those pesky erection problems :oops:

    As far as tablets go, (I'm typing on one right now) it wouldn't be nearly as handy if it was a big 60" instead of 12"x8", but to each her own. Gotta agree it was so much better on the eyes when I had that big monitor.
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  4. Dec 29, 2014
  5. nisosbar

    nisosbar Ueber Meister PABnonaccred

    Right here
    There's a new Geico commercial that is really funny - I forget the story board at the moment, of course, but it's so funny, you want to tape it... :D

    On edit, found it - it's that Salt n Pepa one...

    You must register/login in order to see the link.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 12, 2017
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  6. Dec 29, 2014
  7. randomiam

    randomiam Meister Member

    betting adds

    in Australia at some times of the year it basically non stop betting adds. it go to a point where lots of people on social media abused the crap out of the brands it was not just one add every add break it was about 80% betting adds even covert adds where slipped into the news and morning television everywhere they had greased up every bum they could and where in sell sell sell mode and got there company's trolled bad for it this one betting agency spokesperson was even forced to stop being in adds due to public hate and ridicule you could not go 5 minutes a day without hearing that wanker
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  8. Dec 30, 2014
  9. kenektor

    kenektor Dormant account

    Working, Unfortunately.
    Czech Republic
    Would be handy to have an ADBLOCK plugin not only for browsers, but for TV commercials as well. The amount of shit ads rolling over and over again is tiresome.
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