I have quit gambling... and damn I feel good. Thanks to crypto/stocks.


Dec 2, 2020
This is my first and last post at this forum:

If you want to quit gambling you have to replace it with something. I can't do it cold turkey, or trying to replace it with something you think is boring. You like money, to earn money and numbers... statistics etc?
I started to invest a few bucks in stocks and crypto, and mining crypto... and I get my "kick" checking the price of the stock/crypto and to use time searching around for information. Yes, it can be time consuming, but it is way more healthier.
I do NOT daytrade, but I do longterm holding of stocks/crypto.
Some will say that this also is gambling, and I can agree to a certain point... but it is really difficult to lose much money when just doing regular holding.

Reddit has been great too.

I have invested a total of €1500 for the past 2 months, and I am up €650. I have not gambled at a casino for 2 months, and I have litteraly gambled every single day for the past 15 years.
I get my paycheck tomorrow, and instead of gambling it away I will deposit what I can afford (with bank transfer, that takes 2-3 days) to my broker. I am excitied to search for a good stock/crypto to put the money into.

I am feeling very good. My sleep is better, and I have started excercising again.

PS! Gambling allmost ruined my life.

Take care everybody and good luck with whatever you feel like doing!
Congrats guys but don't forget crypto is still a huge gamble, you can lose 75% of your portfolio in an hour. Try and dump some profits into safer investments like ETF's as well. And buy a Ledger to secure your coins, then give it to a very trusted partner to prevent gambling away all your coins one drunken evening.
I have looked at ETFs, have a ledger and I don't drink, pretty much good. :)
Pretty much what I am doing! Keep it up! :) Got tired of losing deposits in a hour and am now in stocks and crypto off and on.
congrats- I mainly use the sportsbook, but am going to give up on the casino part altogether very soon, as I am seeing it just drain any money I have won. I mean the slots used to be fun entertaining ..play a fair share for an hour, but now its just become a money pit, spend 50 on a slot its gone in no time betting minimal stakes..lol casino's greed will be there undoing
I once got 50 bitcoins for a payment from a client, I sold it for around $15,000 because I did not believe it enough.

it would been 3 million dollar if i just kept it, but the funds had to be used for some projects but yeah, it would be sweet
I once got 51 bitcoins from a client and just kept them and now I am really really rich.
yeah I finally had enough of the current "casino experience" I closed my account at Unibet. I still have my sports account at another book. Tired of just having the vampire experience- its on me really so no crocodile tears- spending too much time and money on fixed Bingo(sorry but it is fixed) and slots that max out at 120x on features that take weeks to hit lol...like I said on me. Anyway nice forum I enjoyed my time here and will certainly pop in from time to time. everyone much look and be well:)
I sincerely wish everyone who made one of these "well I've been gambling uncontrollably for years but it's no fun anymore so I'm out of here, goodbye forever!" posts actually stuck to their word.
I sincerely wish everyone who made one of these "well I've been gambling uncontrollably for years but it's no fun anymore so I'm out of here, goodbye forever!" posts actually stuck to their word.

Yep. Stick to it. And dont ever come back. You dont need gambling. Casino's need you. And by inflicting these games that tend to lose more and more now these last years perhaps it's time to quit, stick the middle finger to each and every one of 'm, and put your energy and time in things that matter more for you.
I still do gambling but have had fun mining an alt currency like Cheetahcoin. Easy to mine even with your cell phone (assuming it's android). The amounts I have mined are not crazy by any means but if the value ever increases I'll be laughing. That particuliar currency will also be joining a new exchange soon so I am expecting a good increase.

The lower RTP on gambling though has had me be more cautious lately. It would be nice if it was law or the RTP to show right on the play screen for every game.

Just keep in mind when it comes to crypto, it is the same thing as gambling in that you should only put what you are ok with losing. There is never any guarantee but I am finding it just as fun looking at the price changes.
I can fully relate to this as I've had the same experience with crypto investing. It gives me most of the thrills of gambling but without the major harms, not least the inevitable loss of funds. I can compare it to a smoker switching to e-cigs.
The responsible gambling app Gamban has now added Crypto Trading Platforms to the list of sites it bans: Gamban to Block Crypto Trading Platforms

As been said, be careful when investing in Crypto if you have a gambling problem.
Plenty of honest comments which were fascinating to read, my thanks to all the posters. I'm sitting on around $2300 in slot profit. I've delved into bit coin and am presently down 60% on my meager buy during the lock down. Like most of the posters here I enjoy the gamble buzz and want something to scratch the itch. I've mostly given up on online poker as, at least on the site I play, most table are dominated by east Europeans who play a aggressive game that is irrelevant to the cards dealt and flopped. I salute them but the fun is gone. Bricks and mortar casinos are not readily available where I live. Lotteries, scratch cards and sports betting are not my thing. I've enjoyed the online slot world and have had some memorable wins. If the changes rumored and the RTP dumbing down are as real as many knowledgeable posters have warned then slots may not be worth the effort anymore. It 's a sad state of affairs when a gambler can't find a game, honest or otherwise.
“Crypto can lose 75%” but casino can lose all, definitely crypto/stocks are better.
For a long time, crypto/stocks are better than casino.

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