I have problem with bellerockgaming


Dormant account
Dec 24, 2004
I requested a withdraw of 1946$ from luckynugget casino,after 2 days I receved and email form bellerockgaming that said"your withdraw was reverse in casino account because yuo did not send the documentation that we asked yuo"
this is not true,because bellerockgaming never has asked me documentation.
ok i send my driver license+utily bill with my email 580kb in word.
live support tell me to send 1 email for 1 document
ok I sent 3 email x 3 documentes 96kb,87kb,252kb
i sent the same documentes as link.
I receved this email: Thank you for e-mailing Belle Rock Gaming.

Kindly be advised that the Drivers License that you attached to one of the e-mails you forwarded us could not be viewed. When you scan and save a document, kindly ensure that you save it in Jpeg. or Tiff. format and that it is smaller than 1 megabyte

i use this documentes in all casino,i don't understand this behavior!
In which way i must send my documentes?
Is it possible that a casino has not an email that accept word files or link?
This is the first time that happens this to me.
I don't know what do.
Someone may help me to resolve this problem?
I don't know use Jpeg or Tiff
always problem when i win.

thank yuo
Everyone says they requested documenation but rarely do they ever email you to tell you. I keep running into this over and over and it does get quite old. Send the ID and just make a mental note of it.
redone withdraw

now i redone my withdraw and sent my passport and utily bill
i hope that this situation will be resolved
i wait........
**Hi there,i know it is a pain but i would suggest that all your documents be send in jpeg format. because the documents are large, some attachments get cut off by the mail clients. i would also suggest to keep a copy of this infromation on your hard drive or a disk,because you will be asked for them again some time. it is a real pain... but i have learned to do that, and once they are accepted then you hve them ready for a next time. I always send both the passport/id and the drivers. that way they cannot tell me i did not send something! **
bellerock resolved

wthdraw processed nothing problem,
it was only confusion between documentes and wagerin.
I'll play again in bellorock
thank at all forum friend

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