I have done it yet again


Nov 9, 2014
To start of this topic i have been playing online slots for about 3 years, before that online poker alot. Until the complete switch over to no poker at all to online online slots.

Up to October 2014 i managed it good played couple of small deposits now and then, blocked certain account when i had to much.

Every month i win so i was up on the + side. but it ended up with me losing all my money, blocks account for 1 month and when that month went by i get paycheck and i continue again the same path from october now til yesterday night. Every month is the same i lose, i lose and i lose. Even if i win i lose it and even more. And every day after losing i have problems sleeping, being up to late so i even have to call in sick from work. This feelings goes away after maybe 2-3 days and im hungry for more slots thinking maybe this day is my day to win. But no its not.

I keep on blocking as many accounts as i can only to find new casinos to play at and lose at, the money i lose is money i could have bought myself new things for, stuff that people take for grante,d im though that smart i never lose money for food and survival at least.

I dunno what to do, yesterday was the worst losing day so far. I blocked all accounts i had for up to 2 months minimum now some even up to 6 months.

The days after losses i feel and say to myself no slot ever again, and week later im sitting there playing again.

I have even tried to withdraw money from bank account so i cant deposit online. That doesnt help either. Im just sad about all of it, i dont keep the promises to myself to stop gamble or to play maybe small depositsonce in a while but i get always so frustrated losing initial deposit that the deposits get bigger and the stakes gets higher.

Right now i feel like never touching a slot again but i know for a fact i will in less then 1 month again:(
I get sad to hear about how you feel and what you're doing to yourself.

You're from my county and if you need any advice on where to turn or who you can talk to then just send me a pm.
I have all information you need. You just need to ask for it.
I was just about to post that i feared you may have a problem, but i am glad you have cleared this with yourself..

That is the most important step and even if so far your solutions have been moot, repeatedly opening new accounts etc., the first thing to do would be to take one of your close friends or relatives with whom you feel secure enough to share, and let them help you. You said taking the money from the bank so far hasn't helped, but if you confess this to said person, then withdraw all you can and give this to them under the condition you can only get to it for necessities such as bills, food and gas and whatnot, this may prove helpful. If need be you can give this person shared or full control over your bank account, which seems to be the best thing to do, in your case.

Once a month or two have passed without you being able to gamble, you may be ready for further steps, but you need to keep working and stop gambling immediately,

I hope that all the reps who read this, have the sense to lock your account per direct, and for good, if it wasn't already, and i can only urge you, while you are still in this mindset, to go ahead and close ALL accounts you still have.

There are a lot of other options you can take right now which may help, and you could p.m. tirilej, or check the quit gambling section here:

I saw Bryan also read your post so i am assuming he may move this thread in that section and that would be wise too.

Keep strong!

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