Bitch and Moan I Have Been Bonus Banned From Tropica ?

GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
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I won a couple of times at Tropica on No Deposits and for a moment thought i was banned from the casino:eek:I guess what i want to know is why do these casinos send you these ND promos and then if you happen to win, turn on you, im now bonus banned and anyone who knows how i play its rare i use a bonus. I guess im a banned - non bonus user :D Check out this transcript, its almost funny except i just hate being labled bonus banned:(

Craig: May I have your Login name and email address please?
laurie: lauriejim
laurie: lauriexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Craig: One moment please.
laurie: sure np
Craig: May I ask for which casino this is?
laurie: tropica
Craig: Unfortunately, the casinos security system has flagged your account and you are not eligible for promotions. You may still play for Fun or for Real without promotions. Craig: sorry I saw the info wrong
Craig: you have closed your account by having the password wrong 3 time
Craig: do you want me to change it
Craig: or do you want to try again
laurie: excuse me, i was just logged in
laurie: im not understanding this right i guess
laurie: so i have ben flagged as a bad player
laurie: are we talking about me or someone elses account lol
laurie: ive never been banned at any casino for anything least all bonuses
Craig: you are banned at the moment
laurie: for what?
Craig: you logged in 3 times and it whent wrong
Craig: but you are logged in at the moment ?laurie: for winning on 2 no deposits and then depositing 25.00 to recieve the winnings?
laurie: yes im logged in
laurie: i have had the same password always
laurie: you have to be talking about someone elses account
Craig: One moment please.
laurie: sure np
Craig: I am sorry to inform you but the casino reserves the right to deny promotions to anyone, without disclosing the reason why. laurie: i would like this straightened out as im not a bonus abuser nor do i have any chargebacks
laurie: im a good honest player
laurie: so tell me again, why im banned?
laurie: is it from the casino in general
laurie: or just bonuses
Craig: no just the bonusa
laurie: would this be for winning on 2 no deposits?
laurie: I dont use them but still i think its unfair to put me in that light
laurie: as a bonus abuser
laurie: you all gave me those nd bonuses
laurie: i didnt ask for them
Craig: I'm sorry what can I help you with
laurie: so if i wanted to deposit 500.00 right now, you couldnt offer me a bonus?
Craig: I will be right with you.
Craig: I do not see any cash outs
Craig: so i'm very sorry
Craig: an no
Craig: if you want to deposit
Craig: 500
Craig: just do it without a promotion
Craig: then you will have no restrictions or max cashout
Craig: much better right
laurie: true
Craig: Is there anything else I can help you with?
laurie: and to tell you the truth i would never deposit 50.00 antwhere at one time, just wanted to see what you would say
laurie: so lets get this straight, im not banned from the casino
laurie: i can deposit
laurie: i have no issues with passwords
laurie: just want to make sure we both are on the same page
Craig: yes we are Craig: you not banned
Craig: but you can not get bonuses
Craig: that is all
laurie: my account is in good standing, correct?
laurie: i have no bad accounts anywhere
laurie: this is why i wanted the answers
laurie: good
Craig: have a nice day
laurie: well thank you craig for helping me as i will not be flagged lol by a casino, its not my style
laurie: you too bye bye
Craig: Thank you for using Live Support. Should you have any future questions, please contact us again.


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Jul 13, 2009
wow that sucks lj

so in other words they want you to lose your free chip and get angry and deposit to try and get it back

but dont you dare win on the gift we give you

i wouldnt give a casino like that my email , let alone a deposit


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Jun 20, 2001
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Welcome to the club LJ.

It sucks, but just about every Rival has signed up to the 'Players Rival dont like' shared database in the past week or so.

I was banned from 5 seperate casinos in one day - and I hardly claimed a bonus at any of was based on my play at OTHER Rival casinos, which is just plain wrong IMO.


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May 11, 2008
I currently have no rivals on my computer at the moment. After reading what Pina said about white labels and the sharing of information I don't like it or need it. If you look at the bonuses they're giving out lately most of them come with a max cashout.

If seems it doesn't matter if you take one bonus of twenty you're banned if you win. I've never had that problem and I'm getting out while the gettings good.


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Sep 26, 2004
I won once from the free chips given so maybe I am not bonus banned yet. If they are reading this, let them hear that I wont be depositing if this is the way they conduct things. Laurie, a bonus abuser? I thought April Fool's Day had arrived.


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Mar 10, 2005
Just play at the Rivals that don't automatically ban you for winning on a bonus...:rolleyes:

Vegas Regal is one. I won on 2 ND chips back to back before making my verification deposit, and I still have access to all of their promotions...


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Sep 17, 2008
Tucson AZ
There's getting to be more and more of us in this club. I don't mind not being able to get the promotions. I do have a problem with the way they make you feel. When they pull these stunts I feel as though I am being labeled a cheater and that is what I have a problem with. :mad:

Sorry this happened to you but just move on to one that appreciates your business. Now go Win Big! :D



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Dec 10, 2003
Don't blame Tropica so fast. Customer service doesn't know what is really going on. I had the same issue 3 weeks ago. I was bonus banned and I mailed the Tropica Rep in here. He said he never bonus banned me and does not know why it happened. He unblocked me then the next day, I was banned again. He looked in to why this is happening and he found out that Rival is doing this not Tropica. He unlocked me then happened again the next day. He had to get in touch with the Rival office to stop adding me to the bonus ban list for his Casino. He got it corrected and never happened again, so mail the Rep. I'm sure this is whats going on.


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Dec 16, 2004
Hey Laurie (Happy Birthday)
It shows you are not banned yet.
I can look into this for you if you wish.
All Rival casino's must fix all this ban crap asap for all.
Have a great birthday & win big in all them casino's

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GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
In the Beautiful South !!
I just had never heard of bonus banning a non bonus user lol, i did pm the rep on here to ask about how long it takes to get my ND withdrawal to my qt account last week and he was nice and pm'ed back saying the next day it should be in my account.

The casino is a good playing one but why do they put the ND promos in there if they dont expect folks to win everyonce in awhile.It was very nice for them to offer them and i had fun playing.

Im not the one to use a bonus, unless its a really good one, decent playthru and no max cashout.

If the rep for Tropica reads this, please take me off the banned list, i wont use any bonuses and please dont send me anymore ND promo's, i just dont want to be in someones account flagged area................laurie


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Jun 5, 2009
I was bonus banned at Tropica a week ago and suddenly all bonuses were back again. I thought they took me off the list. :thumbsup:

Yesterday i had this email:

It's a new year and Tropica is proud to announce that we have a fresh NEW LOOK! In fact to celebrate the occasion we've set up a stable of NEW OFFERS, just because a change is as good as a holiday!

AN ISLAND OF FUN AWAITS YOU, so login to Tropica and get your 'mid-week pick me up'!


100% Treasure Chest ? NEW ?

Buy 40 Get 60 Golden Dream ? NEW ?

Buy 25 Get 40 Tropical Reef ? NEW ?


Buy 30 Get 50 Gentle Sea Breeze ? NEW ?

100% up to 250 Strawberry Daquiri ? NEW ?

Buy 60 Get 80 Tropical Temptation ? NEW ?

I went to the casino today and installed the updates(I like the new look) and checked the bonus offers..:(

I am bonus banned again..

The offers in the email wasn`t there.
It`s ok to be bonus banned, but why do they send me commercial emails with my user name printed at the top?

Hi xxxx!

Login name: xxxx


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Apr 29, 2004
I was bonus banned from all Pantasia white-labels just cause I won at Slot Power (Absolute Slots then), without a bonus and didn't shove it all back.
Was told that the bonus ban situation might change if I played more ie. lost it all back... :notworthy
However the ban was lifted from a few casinos later on without shoving all the winnings back.


Oct 26, 2008
i have seen some screen shots of hits were the player only plays a few of the lines bu puts 5 times the bet on lines played then they hit bigger ? is this something thats setting the casino' s off

is it because they think a player is over maximizing there anticipated win
like its a proven scheme to hit on a small bank roll thats free

just wondering i wish a rep would give example of just what a player is doing wrong in using there free gift that they willingly gave :confused:

GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
In the Beautiful South !!
Well im still bonused banned from winning on a ND promo, not a word from the rep on here as to why, i dont use bonuses often, should i not have won on the free money they had in the promo page, i did make a deposit there but can assure Tropica, i'll not play there again till its lifted or the Rep responds or atleast pm's me to let me know why....................laurie


Oct 26, 2008
Well im still bonused banned from winning on a ND promo, not a word from the rep on here as to why, i dont use bonuses often, should i not have won on the free money they had in the promo page, i did make a deposit there but can assure Tropica, i'll not play there again till its lifted or the Rep responds or atleast pm's me to let me know why....................laurie

after your story i have no thirst for them :mad:


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Aug 31, 2008
I am surprised these rival casinos are held in such high regard on these forums. More and more threads like these just make the whole outfit look like rogues.


Oct 26, 2008
i think they shoud just stop giveing bonuses altogether , if they want to reward the player
just give bigger comps and let there be peace :thumbsup:


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Feb 23, 2005
Tampa Fl
I have had 2 deposits at Tropica both for the 25.00 minimum , I have had 2 withdrawals one for 50.00 and one for 65.00. I cashed i my 2.00 in comps and got it up to 25.00. Put in for a withdrawal and am STILL waiting . First they reversed it for no apparent reason ,and DID NOT put it back into my account, nor did I ever get a reason. I put in for a withdrawal again and am still waiting. AND to add insult to injuries I have NO promos available. We arent talking thousands of dollars here folks.I have contacted Tropica Rep here and he was able to get the 25.00 put back into my account and told me to withdraw it. As of the 27th still waiting. They have my Docs I asked thr Tropica Rep to help again and was told

Please can you contact casino support to query your withdrawal. My role here is assist players and point them in the right direction.

Please let me know what they advise you.

Well I emailed them yesterday and NO RESPONSE as usual. Dont know what happened I even posted at another forum How very quick and friendly their support was. Just give me my 25.00 and we can call it a day and since I apparently am worthless to them they can lock me