I have a question about the slotjoint casino


Mar 2, 2021
good day to all of you this is my 1st question since I have subscribed to casinomeister I would like to know if slotjoint is still a recommended casino because since the beginning that I am a client with them the RTP seems quite low the earnings are rare and very low after about $ 3000 to deposit I am very disappointed so far despite the good comments and reliability attributed to this site so I do not doubt this is perhaps due you have a number of clients lower or less profitability or other change I am a customer with everum which is my top no1 yako excellent also with the same games the gains have a very big difference according to your opinion will have to be patient again with slotjoint where there was a very high drop in traffic in 12 years I still have everum yako and twin which I consider the best according to my experience this is only my opinion because I have ejected from a good casino due to a lack of patience and extremely reduced which is my fault I have been a customer of more than one hundred casino ojo is excellent I am still a customer but I excluded myself for 6 myself the only casino which did not pay me in 12 years it is paradise casino which seems to me not very reliable and dishonest this ismy opinion but the file has been given to two law firm for the location with a lot of evidence to verify and approve winner without a doubt by the two firms my it is a long legal process so I do not think it is $ 3000 dollars for a long time and I closed all my n1 interactive casinos and affiliate whose retains were long and problematic with them very good week to everyone I live in Quebec and I always drink German beer, it's the best


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Jun 30, 1998
Slotjoint casino is NOT a recommended casino - at least not here.

Oh - and thanks for joining us :D :cheers:

SlotJoint.com is operated by Red Deer Holdings Limited, which is a subsidiary company owned 100% by Northern Entertainment N.V. The parent company, Northern Entertainment N.V., is licensed to provide casino services by the Government of Curacao with gambling license number 8048/JAZ2013-011, registration number 128471, and has its registered address at Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Curacao.

Weak licensing - so unless there are legitimate recommendations, buyer beware.
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