I hate windows!


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I envisage my office will have MAC's instead of PC's before the year is out.

Windows update installed a bunch of crap this morning including the update for messenger or live or whatever it is now called.

Now my PC won't boot!

I have spent the entire morning copying my data from the hard drive in my work PC over my network onto my server.

I am now going to have to reinstall windows completely as the repair windows option does not work.

Thankfully I managed to backup all my passwords etc onto my office server. Otherwise I would be literally stuffed!


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Very similar thing happened to a mutual friend of ours about six weeks ago Webz. Thank God he had techies to help him, lol.

I had this happen to me a couple of years ago on my old computer, and since then I refuse to install any updates, security issues or not. I visit only the same websites every day, play at the same few casinos, email with the same few people...so screw em, lol. I've had this computer for just over a year now without ever installing a single update, and all works wonderful. It's Vista BTW.

Hope I haven't just jinxed myself. :D


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I bitch about Windows EVERY DAY!

What other product do you spend good money on and then have to buy other products from other companies to keep it running?

You have to buy anti virus software... because Windows can't be bothered to make their product secure.

If your a power user, you are almost required to buy a program that cleans up and fixes all the errors in the Windows Registry and the rest of the poorly designed Windows OS.

If you run a business... you have to buy a way to backup all the data on your system because as we all know... Windows is not dependable and it constantly crashes, loses and/or destroys data.


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FYI Windows7 is due out in October. Google's new OS sometime soon but rumors are circulating they may face a anti trust lawsuit. The same suit M$ went through.

Just a flyby post.