I had a great deadspins weekend! How was yours?


We call him....Humperdoo
Aug 29, 2012
So many people are having bad runs,at the time on the same slots too.
I think most players that partake of their favourite slots have likely put hundreds of thousands of spins through the grinder, and can hazard a guess to their workings. Many will play them regardless, even if they've seen near-enough everything that game has to offer...

Say with MG's 9-liners I'd seen all the top variables, even in free spins. And yet, I'd still play them, probably in the belief I could replicate it.

So when people claim nothing was lost in the transition to HTML5 for example, I laugh. I laugh heartily. Because it's quite clear to me that companies have diddled the variance of these games to make the games more bombastic, perhaps for the streamer troupes.

Or maybe I just need another billion spins, you know, just to be sure :laugh: