I got this Email about Bingo Poker LOL


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Dec 16, 2004
Palm Bay Florida
I got this Email about Bingo Poker LOL does anyone know how it works?
Here is the Email and where do you find this type of playing I never seen this before.
Dear Tom,
I've been referred to you by a friend who says that you are a complete expert on Bingo. I have a question for youHave you ever seen a game where the Bingo balls were "mapped" to a poker hand? For example, each numbered ball corresponds to a particular card in a 52 card deck, so that after 5 ball draws, you effectively have a poker hand? (and the prizes are awarded by the rank of the poker hand).
Here is one example of this, for either stud or draw poker. I am looking for something that existed earlier than 2004 which is the date of the attached.
Apparently it makes class II gambling (e.g. bingo) seem like class III gambling (e.g., poker).

Dick Turner

Thank for your help Tom

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