I got my Christmas present already


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Oct 3, 2003
Hi !

Just want to make everybody a little bit jealous. ;) Today I woke up in good mood, went to work ...eat some good salmon a supplier send as Christmas gift.. only easy job and then finished work. So, there is my 2 weeks holiday.. good day already.

Yesterday I played through some wager requirement at Havana Club and received the bonus ... today I had a nice play already with 4 lines Jacks or Better.. full house, 4 of a kind.. but then besides watching some news.. hit it again and Royal Flash shows up ...
And for those who never made it until now... its a real good feeling when the adrenalin is running out of your nose and ears, while you slowly try to hit the "collect" button ...

Just called them and they told takes 2-3days to receive in Neteller account. Heard good things about this casino and will advise how long it takes to receice...

But unecessary to mention that I recommend this one ;)

Dear Stefan:

Congrats on your win!!!! May this be the start of a Joyous Holiday Season. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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