I got in just under the Neteller implosion


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Dec 20, 2004
Washington DC
I had a small problem with my JF account. I PM'd the rep here, and he responded immediately and resolved my issue with a $200 deposit to my account (thank you David!). I ran the $200 up to $1000 and cashed out to my Neteller Account. Once it hit my Neteller account I did an EFT to my bank account. It made it to my bank account a few days ago. If it had been a day or two later, no telling when I would have gotten my money, or what hassles I would have had to go through to get it.

I e-mailed support at JF VIP Lounge today about funding options. This is what I got:

Dear William,

Thank you for contacting The VIP Lounge with your query about our Payment options.

We have received notification from our VIP Lounge management that they are currently working on a solution for our VIP Players in regards to purchasing and withdrawing funds form the casino.

We will let you and all our US VIP Players know about this as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, please remember that our Customer Service Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you have any additional questions or concerns. Our toll-free numbers are listed below.

Best Regards,

The VIP Lounge
Jackpot Factory
Outdated URL (Invalid)

Funny thing is I had just been invited to join the VIP Lounge, and I had just set up my account. I hadn't even made my first deposit. I hadn't been to the CM forums in a few days, so I wasn't aware that Neteller had stopped serving U.S. players. I tried to deposit today and it was declined. Of course a quick call to Neteller, and a review of the posts here, told me why.

Looks like my playing time at VIP Lounge is over before it even started. For that matter, it looks like I'm done with online gambling all together unless someone figures out a reliable and trustworthy way for U.S. players to fund their accounts. As others here have surmised, I suspect that a number of fly by night operations will spring up to the fill void, then disappear just as quickly, leaving players in the lurch. Someone posted about buying pre-paid phone cards then having the balance transferred to a casino (or something like that). Someone also posted about casinos that will disguise their merchant name so that they can accept credit card deposits. All that just sounds so shaky to me. I tend to be a big depositor ($1000-$2500 per deposit, with 1-2 deposits per week), so I won't trust my money to anything that is not 100% legit, and hasn't been around long enough to have a good reputation and track record.

So....to all U.S. players (and all players worldwide).....cheers and good luck to all!

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