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I Gaming question

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by P.V., Sep 27, 2011.

    Sep 27, 2011
  1. P.V.

    P.V. Senior Member webmeister

    Make money!
    Turn around...
    Working on something and would like to get some feedback. When gaming online do you sign-up using multiple email addresses or do you have one that's used just for gaming. Thanks..
  2. Sep 27, 2011
  3. SlotMonster

    SlotMonster Twitch Streamer - Affiliate webmeister

    I use one email for casinos.
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  4. Sep 27, 2011
  5. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    Various e-mail addresses.
    But then, I have joined over 230 different casinos and some of my earlier e-addresses are now obsolete.
    Currently I only use 4 different ones.

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  6. Sep 27, 2011
  7. H1_Roller

    H1_Roller Non-Gambler

    2 addresses only.
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  8. Sep 27, 2011
  9. Mark_32Red

    Mark_32Red Affiliate Manager for Accredited Casinos

    Head of Marketing
    32Red Marketing Dpt
    Hi P.V.

    I would always advise anyone opening accounts at online casinos, or any online gaming site for that matter, to use a unique email address. This will enable you to easily identify any casino who either sells your details, or has a security breach.

    I personally have my own .co.uk domain (which you can pick up for less than £5 a year these days) and set up mail accounts which I can easily identify - for example if the casino was called "Dragons Den Casino" - I may use "markddc@mydomain.co.uk" or similiar. A more anonymous method may be to use a number, and keep a log of which casino relates to which number - e.g. "mark211@mydomain.co.uk" - where 211 is Dragons Den Casino.

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  10. Sep 27, 2011
  11. Diane

    Diane Ueber Meister

    Consultant - HR
    I have two emails for gaming. My original one and then when I got smarter after joining CM, I opened up a second one that is only used for gaming. All new signups gamng related are to the second one.

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  12. Sep 27, 2011
  13. luarod

    luarod Experienced Member

    just living
    I only use one email that I made specially for online gambling. I don't know why I feel "safer" and also it's easier to organize and keep track of where I have registered.
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  14. Sep 27, 2011
  15. IanO

    IanO Regular Human

    Marketing and promotions
    I've always worked a two e-mail system. I'll use my hotmail for sites or anywhere that may spam me, and my g-mail for more trusted sources like friends and family. At the moment my hotmail gets about 50-100 spam mails a day, but my g-mail has had about three in the last month (from casinos... dont know where I went wrong...)

    A quick scan down the page of hotmail spam usually lets me spot anything thats important, but until my manhood stops working or I need a 1000% welcome bonus it looks like I wont have to actually open any mails there :)

    Working as a rep there were many times I set up test accounts at other sites to have a quick nose around and see how they do things. Whenever I could, I'd use ''marketing@(casinoname).com'', especially on the rogues. I always got a chuckle thinking of them getting their own spam. Don't do this yourselves of course...
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  16. Sep 27, 2011
  17. Gremmyboy

    Gremmyboy Dormant account

    I only use one for online gambling that I made up specifically for that purpose.
    Have only used Accredited Casinos since using this email but have recently started getting spam! Not sure how you figure out who sold the details etc... But it definitely happens!:rolleyes:

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  18. Sep 27, 2011
  19. Nate

    Nate Ueber Meister CAG webmeister

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