I don't want a 10% bonus on my deposit!!


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Mar 29, 2002
I'm so tired of these casinos that automatically "give" you a 10% bonus on neteller deposits. It would be great if there wasn't some ridiculous wagering requirement tied to it.

I use neteller because you get paid faster and its never denied when you make a deposit as long as you have cash in it. But more and more, casinos (mostly Microgaming) are automatically adding 5,10 or 15% to your neteller deposits and then expecting you to wager your deposit and bonus 5x or more. That means I'd have to wager $550 for a measily $10 bonus on my $100 deposit. Thanks but no thanks!

It gets even worse if you're claiming a bonus with your deposit. Then they stack the wagering requirements on top of each other, rather than combining them. So if you are claiming say a 25% bonus on your next deposit and you use neteller, your wagering requirements for a $100 deposit and a $25 bonus (+$10 neteller bonus) are: $100 x 5 + $25 x 5 = $625 + $100 x 5 + $10 x 5 = $550, for a grand total of $1175 for a $35 bonus! And that is at one of the more reasonable casinos. Totally ridiculous!

Either make those deposit bonuses opt-in type, or don't offer them at all because I'm sick of having to call & email the casinos each time to tell them to take off that bonus because I don't want it and then wait hours or even days for them to do it. Or worse, I make a mistake and play before I realize they "gave" me a bonus and then I'm screwed because I'm locked in to the outrageous wagering requirements. Or better yet, if you insist upon bestowing these meager bonuses on neteller deposits, then at least make the wagering requirements reasonable (like 1x on the deposit and maybe 5x on the bonus).
which ever casino you play at, send an e-mail requesting you do not want any deposit bonuses, they will program your account as to not receive them. I have done this myself. Be sure to keep any e-mails you receive from them though that states you will not be receiving any more. That way if you do receive a deposit bonus, you'll have the e-mail to back you up on any wagering requirements on that bonus.
Hey thanks! I'm definately going to give that a try.

I found at least one casino I play at does this reasonably, New York Casino (playtech)
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gives you a 5% neteller bonus and only requires a 10x wagering of the bonus amount and 0x on the deposit.
You're welcome jpm.

what type of software does this New York Casino use. Flash?
No, its Playtech. If you've never tried it, you should. Great graphics, tons of games (dozens of slots and I love their 4 line vp), and I believe the games are actually dealt fairly. I've had more 4 deuces and natural Royals on playtech then I've ever seen on Microgaming, and I've played at Microgaming casinos since the late 90's but only been at Playtech casinos for a couple of years now (since Sunny Group changed over). I think in all the time I played at Microgaming casinos, I've hit 4 deuces twice. I've done that in one evening at various Playtech casinos.

I highly recommend Sunny Group's casinos as well. Their customer service is second to none! (casino fortune, casino mapau, miami beach casino, & goldgate).
Thank you!!

I'll give them a try. Sounds like you have good dealings with Playtech operated casinos.

No problem making deposits or withdrawals?
Yes, I definately have. In fact they've quickly become my casino of choice, replacing MG. I've had no problems with either the NY Casino group (they have 1 or 2 others in their group) or the 4 Sunny Group of casinos. Quite the reverse actually, it been a very pleasant experience. Both groups have good vip clubs as well.

The only problems have been with deposits from some credit cards being denied, but what else is new there! That's only been an occassional pain in the butt though.

Withdrawls have all been good and prompt. Some other Playtech casinos I've played at have been dragging their feet on withdrawls lately, so I'm not recommending them at this time, but I'm not going to slam them (yet!) either.

BTW, if you like slots, try the 9 line 5 reel slots. You can play for as little as penny on up to $1 or more per line. I've done really well on them playing both nickels & pennies. (biggest win was $100 on nickels & about $30 on pennies).
I just installed New York Casino, only playing for fun right now. It sure is different than the RTG casinos. I need to play long enough to get use to the slow spinnig of the slots *grin*.

I'll try out the slots you just recommended. And slots is ALL I play.

Thank you again jpm
No problem jinnia, have a blast! BTW, click on the options button and you can increase the speed of the game by using the game speed slider. All the way to the right is fastest speed (where I have it set to permanently)
Oh yes, I have already found that option, set all the way to full speed *grin*, and also turn sound off to see if that helps.

I think I might enjoy this casino. Thank You jpm!
I think you will too, good luck! Let us know how you do.
I will jpm, and thank you again.
that's what i do when i encounter that. but its a pain. i'm all for the opt-ins. THe general consensus is that newyork casino is great. they have been on gambling.com's #1 site of the month for several months now. great casino. and playtech's software is my favourite too.
I played in New York Casino and USA Casino on Dec 15th.
I deposited, from my Neteller account, $50 in each casino made a total profit of $206.
Dec 20th...My total cashin has been deposited back into my Neteller account.
Terrific service and fast payout. :yes:

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