I don't understand why people keep....


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Dec 13, 2001
..playing at non-established online casinos and then complain when they are not paid. There are quite a few sites that REVIEW the online casinos and give good/honest opinions--2 sites that come to mind are the Internet Gambling Guide (cant remeber URL) and the Online Casinos Straegy Guide URL: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) (I think).

BAsically if you stick to Referback orCasinoCoins casinos you wont get screwed!
Are you complaining about the people who complain? How dare they!

....I like this effect....makes you want to.....continue reading........or.....perhaps....nod....right.....yawn....off.....


fee fee
enjoy it while you can amandajm, it's about to go into the trash.


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