I didn't see this coming...


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Feb 8, 2008
Rochester NY
As I mentioned in another thread, I visited the B&M this weekend. For the first time ever I saw my father at a casino (the gambling gene runs in my mothers family). I didn't fare too well, walking out down a couple hundred.. nothing unbearable.

My father decided to throw $20 in a Coyote Moon machine (it's exactly the same as Wolf Run, 40 lines). He started betting a mere .20c (I cringe at the thought of not playing all the lines). He would win a few dollars here and there but was already upset after losing $40 so there was little consoling him.

I explained it was smarter to play more lines.. so he bumped it up to 30 cents. Woah, hold on there big spender. Few spins, hits a bonus (I COULDN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME). $5 and change bonus. Puts his bets up to 40c. Hold on there partner, I'm going to have a heart attack.

Sure enough, doesn't the son of a bitch, on the third spin at 40c, nearly fill the board with wilds for $195. Needless to say I shit my pants - or at least a little trickle of urine slid down my leg. He sat there slackjawed and my mother just about had a heart attack. Me and my mother had gambled all night, and there is my father winning basically the jackpot on Wolf Run (The jackpot is $200 even).

I couldn't have been happier for my father, believe me. I just couldn't grasp a hold on the fact that a man who is notorious for spending as little money as possible won such a huge amount.

That's the way the cookie crumbles I guess!

PS: I had never - ever - seen the board fill up like that at the STATE-run B & M. Anyone think that's because they are operated 'tighter'?

Good luck to you all!


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