I closed my QT account


Today I made a decision. I decided to close my QT account as it is perhaps the only way of depositing for me , a USA player.

I closed it as I have come to the decision to stop gambling as from today. I am a low-roller but the amount I have wasted is considerable.

I looked around the house this morning and it is in need of attention, more attention than my selfish gambling needs. It has sucked the fun out of gambling and what a waste of time too!

I do thank Inetbet and Slots Oasis, Chery Red and Grande Vegas for the time I had with them but now is the time for me to stop.

There is a life I need to get back to and my house needs me now not the casinos. My husband and friends have taken a back seat also.

It will suck and I will get frustrated that I chose to do this initially but it is supposed to be this way until I feel the need to gamble has gone.

Thank-you to Casinomeister and all that post here. I have had an enjoyable time reading your posts and still will occasionally but now is the time to open the door and see life a little more.



Ueber Meister Mouse
Best of luck to ya hon!