I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE! Help for those with 3Dice graphic problems...


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Feb 4, 2006
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After all this time, I finally figured out what I needed to change in order to see the graphics appropriately in Super Suits and the ever-so-frustrating (before this realization) "night-vision" I had to have in Medieval Moolah.

I have Windows Vista, and always figured that I needed to "upgrade" to one of the higher versions, after messing with a bunch of control panel, system settings stuff.

Something led me to right-click on my desktop (and, this may have only been an item, as I did not see it before) that was recently installed automatically with Windows updates- graphics properties.

It opened up the Intel Graphics Accelerator options box. I clicked on 3D settings, which opened another window. I made some changes, mostly turning stuff "on" or what sounded like would be better, more advanced options. (See screenshots below, what is selected is what I changed it to, and realized that these settings work like a charm when I restarted 3Dice.)

It was like being in a "whole new world", especially when I went to the bonus round on Medieval Moolah- I never knew this whole thing was set in "daylight" and I could read the book, and most importantly- SEE THE TREASURES TO BE ABLE TO AIM AT!

So glad I didn't try to go out and buy the upgrade for Windows or a video card...too bad I didn't realize this all sooner (and if there was a thread before already about this, sorry...wish I would have seen that too!)

Hope this helps someone as much as its helped me! :D

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