I ask for help


Banned: bogus PAB - player fraud
I ask for help

I have the following problem

I have at comeon.com

won a total of 5300 EUR in casino games.

Now it comes to me so that they refuse to pay it.

I have all the documents required for my account

sent and all were approved.

But a few hours later, an email that the payoffs

are canceled.

Now they want a receipt of my

Proceeds Ukash I have this via email


My QUESTION anyone have experience with the provider has?

where you can submit complaints


Does anyone have a tip or an email address?

I thank you in advance
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I ask for help ....
Hello. I have received your Pitch-A-Bitch (PAB) and will contact you shortly. In the meantime please be sure that you have read and understood the Pitch-A-Bitch FAQ.

The FAQ describes our procedures and what you can expect from the PAB process. It also explains what we expect from you in return, in other words your responsibilities to ensure a successful PAB.

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