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Hope this Poem helps all as it has done for me Julie thanks for all you have done for all of us..Your Dedication and Love for all will live on.Hugs and Prayers to the Family
Do not Weep For Me

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep.
I am Not There. I Do Not Sleep.

I Am A Thousand Winds That Blow.

I Am The Diamond Glint On Snow.

I Am The Sunlight On Ripened Grain.

I Am The Gentle Autumn Rain.

When You Awaken In The Morning's Hush,

I Am The Swift Uplifting Rush

Of Quiet Birds In Circled Flight.

I Am The Soft Stars That Shine At Night.

Do Not Stand At My Grave and Cry.

I Am Not There, I Did Not Die.

~Author Unknown~
My condolences to Herb and the family.

She was a wonderful lady. Will nwver forget.

I am in absolute shock. Julie was a wonderful and dear friend. She was an inspiration to me an all of us in our industry. Our industry is a better place because of her tremendous work. Julie will always hold a special place in my heart. Our deepest condolences to her special husband Herb and to the rest of her family.


Tyrone, Errol and all of us at Vegas Partner Lounge
Julie's funeral will be held at the
Rose Hill Burial Park Abbey Mausoleum Chapel
6001 NW Grand Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
2:00pm Monday 22th.

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IGC's Statement:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, December 18, 2003 The Interactive Gaming Council joins the worldwide online gaming community in mourning the death of Julie Sidwell, who passed away Wednesday night at her home in College Station, Texas.

Julie had recently begun working for eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) as the Fair Gaming Advocate for the London-based organization.

Julie was best known for her work with Gambling.com, one of the earliest portals for the online gaming industry. Until September, she was the Administrator of the Gambling Grumbles section of Gambling.com, mediating disputes between players and online casinos for nearly four years.

Players emailed Julie with their complaints and she worked tirelessly at tracking down the casino managers, trying to get both sides of the story. In Gambling Grumbles, she summarized the results of her investigations. In many instances, grateful players received the money that they had previously been denied. Julie pursued scores of cases, whether the disputes involved $100 or $10,000.

In this largely unregulated industry, there are numerous sites and individuals who act as watchdogs. Unlike many, however, Julie did her work with style and grace. She laid out the facts as she understood them, and her tone never reflected anger.

The many players who received assistance from Julie, of course, never met her. They could not have known that the last years of her life were filled with pain. Complications from a horseback riding accident left her immobile most of the time. She worked from her bedroom, which she often could not leave for days on end.

Those of us in the industry were blessed to know her personally, said Rick Smith, Executive Director of the IGC. She made tremendous effort to attend most of the industrys major conventions. She was usually in a wheelchair, and she tired easily from all of the activity. But her spirit was wonderful. She always seemed cheerful, and was a pleasure to be around.

Julie also wrote articles for Gambling Online magazine, and she worked with several casino operators to train staff in dispute resolution.

Julie cared deeply about our industry, said Sue Schneider, chair of the IGC, but she never lost her primary focus, which was looking out for the players. She had a special talent, allowing her to be respected by not only the CEOs who run online gaming companies but also their players.

Julie was my friend, said Micki Oster, a longtime colleague. We shared many fun and happy times together. Professionally, Julie always conducted herself with integrity, and the respect she earned from both the industry insiders as well as the players was well-deserved. I am so proud to have known her.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Julies husband, Herb, who patiently helped her cope with the demands of travel to industry gatherings, and to her daughters and other family members. Julies funeral will be held next week.
eCOGRA's Statement:

A Sad Day for the Online Gaming Industry, Julie Sidwell Will Be Missed

LONDON December 18, 2003 Julie Sidwell, eCOGRAs Fair Gaming Advocate, passed away last night.

This is a very sad day for eCOGRA, its staff and all those who have been fortunate to work with Julie over the years.

Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Julie was a tireless advocate for the online gaming industry and its players. All those fortunate to have known Julie will miss her work, and more importantly her touching smile and warm personality. Julies passing is a loss not only for eCOGRA but also for the entire online gaming industry.

Julie will be most remembered for her gracious presence and tireless work. Julie was the Administrator of Gambling Grumbles for Gambling.com, in charge of dispute resolution between casinos and players. She has written many articles for Gambling OnLine Magazine, with regard to player disputes and casino responses, and has assisted several operators in the training of staff to prevent disputes and increase resolution efficiency.

Julies work with eCOGRA was an important part of our organizations mission. Julie will be dearly missed by all her friends and colleagues.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Julies family during their time of sorrow; Julie will not be forgotten and can never be replaced.

Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA
CEO & Executive Director
Phone: +44 207 887 1480
From Microgaming:


Julie Sidwell made it her goal to champion fair gaming, and she did this with a driving passion, tempered by a cheerful and open approach. Julie's sincerity and integrity, and unerring sense of fairness, won her the respect of player and operator alike.

Although Gambling Grumbles and eCOGRA were the organisations that she worked through, Julie dealt with a wide range of persons and companies, and Microgaming was fortunate to work with her a number of times. Whatever task Julie undertook, either with us or for the industry, it was always accompanied with confidence, a passion for the industry, and an optimism about everything that she did.

Julie's legacy to this industry will be the uncompromising standards that she set in her pursuit of fair play. But Julie will also be remembered for her warmth and friendliness, and the courage in adversity that characterised the way she dealt with all around her, and with life.

Her passing is a great loss to the industry and to those who knew her. Our thoughts are with Julie's family during this difficult time, and we would like them all to know that she will be remembered also as a special and valued friend.
What an enormous loss for everyone who enjoys online gambling, I don't think anyone could ever replace her. She will be sorely missed. A very sad day indeed. :(
Rest in Peace Julie.

Your presence will be missed. Your absence will be felt. :(
I've put together a few words for Julie here Old URL

I want to thank everyone for sharing your thoughts about her. Thanks!
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