I am an alcoholic player (apparently)


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May 13, 2014
I once drove home after about 8 pints, 5 or 6 bottles of Pils and about 4 double JD n cokes and not once during my journey was I asked for an SOW request or any ID docs :)

Was in 1998 tho :p


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Oct 24, 2017
Thanks for all the responses folks. I'm still waiting for a response from the casino to see if they will re-open my account - maybe I should point them to this thread! Actually, I better not send them a message right now, I just had a twix bar and they might accuse me of having a sugar rush.
BTW I definitely have more of a problem with chocolate than I do with alcohol!


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Jul 10, 2016
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When I used to play regular at ikibu as a so called vip, used to speak to my regular agent, tell him my beers where opened and could I have a nice match offer.
Seconds later my match was added and told to enjoy my slotting and my beers also, as it should be.
Slots are a hobby, you can enjoy them as you see fit.
It’s utterly absurd to stop anyone playing as you like to mix having a session and a few beers. I mean who’s call is it to make that your to drunk to gamble responsibly?.
This utter insanity is only going to get worse, it’s not the fault of the Maltese lot either, just the pathetic rules and guidelines they exaggerate to the max.
No wonder so many are closing down.


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Jan 19, 2019
I had the same thing with Mr Green Last year - I reside in Canada; and was a bank holiday at the time [Labor Day] - was dealing with a chat rep, must of been 10:30 / 11:30 pm Malta time he was being increasingly nonchalant about my query; and somehow earlier when we were being "pals" I mentioned I was enjoying a glass of wine.

Soon after he decided that he had answered my query - not to my satisfaction; they were not accepting my money... - he wanted me off the chat so gave me a 24 hour BAN - that ended up being 7 days long; going through the nightmare of re-opening account.

Assured to say - pretty much shut down my account after withdrew / spent funds

So I no longer Bet at Mr Green; But they have nothing on How BetVictor has treated me - check other thread......

Also before re-opening I had to send a "contract" to them they wanted

1. Request to re-open account
2. Confirm I am in Control of Gambling
3. Promise not to drink and gamble

these were my replies

1. 24 Has passed please re-open my account - thank you
2. Yes in control of gambling, been trying to at your site you don't make it easy to do so
3. I hardly drink while gambling; but fail to see where a written promissory agreement is required - I was banned for 24 hours for stating I had two glasses of wine - I personally feel this is excessive


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Sep 1, 2018
United Kingdom
Sure casinos don't have a problem with punters getting pissed whilst playing then waking up £10k down a whacking a PAB or complaint in looking their money back so I stand by my original post.

As for comparing online with bricks and mortar out fits there's no comparison how many high street casinos ask customers to KYC??