I am A newbie!!!!!


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Nov 10, 2009
chain valley bay
Hello all! Im jesster and Im a single mum and live on the central coast.I just want to let you all know that EUROGRAND casino is brilliant!!!I played with $20.00 and hit the jackpot!!!originally it was 15,000 euros,but thinking it would be like some other casinos that never pay,i played 5000 away,Then I was contacted and congratulated ,and told how to withdraw the money.They have kept me up to date as to when I would get the check,how the pending process works and even what courier company would be delivering it.I am over the moon,I have struggled so long this is like winning a million to me.
So give them a go.
By the way I do like this site!!!!
good luck all


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Aug 2, 2007
Port St lucie Florida
Congratulations are your win :notworthy:notworthy - and Welcome to the Forum. :D

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