I <3 enzo lol.. 3dice is awesome :)


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Jul 6, 2010
I have been having really bad luck at 3dice and play pretty much everyday. I don't usually complain because I know i am just unlucky, but I play for hours and finally get like 1 bonus on a low variance slot and get like 10x bet. Anyways, Anna gave me a free $20.00 bonus and I lost that quickly. I still bought in for like $200.00 since then and never really cared that much because it is mainly for entertainment! Was going to buy in for $50.00 tonight because I know eventually my luck will change, but to my surprise I see a free $100.00 bonus in my account. It said next to the bonus "ENZO WAS HERE" lmao..

Thanks Enzo for taking care of me without me contacting you personally, and I really appreciate the kindness from you guys when the player's are running very bad. I think it is funny that there is a slot game that says "Enzo was here" and that is also what my bonus said.

Anyway's, I am very happy with 3dice and their great customer service and the fact they actually notice and acknowledge when a player deserves something for the time and effort they put in over a year of playing. Good job guys!! Now.. Please put back super suits (+) to it's old form.. hahahaha