I’m new here!


Dec 31, 2020
Hi guys! Just joined this forum which I found via google!
I was hoping to get some advice on how I could possibly make a claim against a non UK online casino?

I use to play online all the time for years on all the usual UK sites. I then started getting into debt and closed all my accounts a few years ago via GameStop. I then saw an ad for ‘very well casino’ which isn’t a UK site. I then joined last July. Again, started getting into debt and made numerous attempts to close the account via live chat & email. Everytime, I was offered lots of free bonuses to deter me from closing the account and obviously with a gambling problem, you think you might be able to win! Eventually, I got them to close my account in September this year. To my surprise, about 7-10 days before Christmas I got a call from my ‘personal account manager’ saying there was a Christmas bonus in my account and my account had been temporarily reopened. With Christmas coming up I thought my luck had possibly changed especially as the bonus only had a x1 wager! I didn’t win anything, and then I’ve again been depositing. I then sent an email of complaint this morning stating my account was reopened without my consent even though I previously stated my circumstances hence why it was closed in the first place. Literally within 2-3 mins of sending the email, my account was blocked but I still haven’t had a response to my email.
Is anyone able to give any advice?

thank you