Your Input Please Hyper casino not letting me withdraw back to method used


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Aug 17, 2018
UK South west
Hey guys I deposited earlier via trustly as there debit card way was not working for me all night even spoke to them in chat about it and I ive used it before on other sites and get winnings within hours of it being sent 24/7
I went to withdraw as they dont offer it as a withdrawal method so I tried back to card as 99% of transactions are used by my card but it got decline, and now they only way Is to do bak transfer which I have never used before. Im not sure why I have to withdraw this way when I never used it before, I mean end of the day I will get the money but I just CBA waiting many days for it as bank transfer normally take.

Can they refuse to send it back to trustly or to my card.


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Jan 2, 2018
Aye, Bank Transfer and Trustly are the same. And withdrawal could bank transfer should be in your account as soon as it’s processed.

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