Hype: Still cashout delay or don't pay more?


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Nov 19, 2006
san marino
I have requested withdraw of $1100 2 weeks ago (i had put a winner screenshot at page 651), and at today i have not received nothing..
I have played without any bonus and this was not first withdraw.
I have contact they in chat and always say that the withdrawal of money is still in progress without giving other explanations
also Kwblue has contacts them for me about the reason of this delay but at the moment of my moneies not there is trace on neteller
to this point I think that they do not want to pay to me!
You have some idea of because are behaved therefore?
finally the payment has arrived today!

finally the payment has arrived today! Thanks also Kwblue!!:thumbsup:
I hope than this is last time with cashout so delayed otherwise i unistall this casino from my pc
Thanks again Kw!

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