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Sep 20, 2005
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I usually don't gripe about issues such as customer service but this one got my goat. I usually have to get the CS to fix my account when I make a deposit because it usually removes some of my funds before I begin to play.

This has been happening from day one since I have been playing there.

Today, they took the cake. I asked them to fix my account YESTERDAY once again but this time I didn't even get a chance to deposit. It was already screwed up when I logged in to play. The CS told me it would be taken care of in a few hours yesterday.

Well, I waited till today to play once again, and low and behold, not one thing was done! The CS today said tech support won't be in on weekends so I have to wait till they come back on Monday.

I asked them if 50 people had an issue, does that mean you would make all of them wait, and she said yes.. What kind of operation would do that? Alienate players? I did let them know they will be going to the bottom of my playlist for good. As much as I like their games, I can play them in fun mode and get my fix somewhere else and not give them any more money since they don't seem to want it.

I have posted this here since this issue has been an ongoing thing since day one (when the first came on the scene) and they don't seem to want to listen to players issues. Just a heads up for all about no tech help on weekends if there is a software issue.
What a joke. Why don't you just pull your money out of there altogether and quit playing there?

They want to take bets 24/7, but can't provide 24/7 support? Screw 'em :)
They want to take bets 24/7, but can't provide 24/7 support? Screw 'em :)
! Exactly ! couldnt have been said any better!

I played there on two separate occasions...both times, I contacted support via 'chat'...and both times, I was left sour,.. thinking how their customer service was more a customer dis-service. but thats just my 2cents.
They also NEVER respond to emails. I had an issue the other day and forget emailing them. I had to go on live chat. Also why is there live chat available if nobody is there to help you out. I love their slots but their support needs some serious work.
Hardly the point

I see the fault. A negative balance is displayed. Presumably, on deposit, you lose out by the amount of the negative balance.
For this to be an accepted everyday problem the software must be incredibly error prone. How on earth can the integrity of the gameplay be relied upon if this pretty obvious error has been allowed to keep on occurring, with just a "bodge" being applied by tech support each time it happens.

I bet they would have tech support at weekends if the errors were in the player's favour. I can think of one "bleedin obvious" software exploit that can lead from not trapping the zero account balance state properly. I would bet that a few of the "bonus feeders" have looked more closely at the potential, as often they don't intend to return to a casino they have "done". The longer Hype leave this error live, the more likely they are to suffer a loss from it, and may end up having to take the operation offline, which might prove more expensive that bringing tech support in on the occasional weekend to nip problems in the bud.
Hype Casino

I have been trying to download Hype Casino for close to 2 weeks now.

After trying to download their games for several days (even left the site running overnight a couple of times), I contacted "chat" and asked them why their games wouldn't download on my computer. "Chat" replied that I needed to install ALL the Microsoft Updates there are for my PC XP Edition. (I have ALL available updates for my PC XP Edition.) That was no help....

Sometimes I can sign on to Hype casino and TRY to download their games. But usually not. Won't work.

Generally I get an error message that says the "Server Cannot Be Contacted.

Says IF the problem persists (yes, it does) I should contact "Tech Support". Unfortunately no where does it tell me HOW to contact "Tech Support".

And, how do you contact Hype Casino "Tech Support" when you can't sign onto their site in the first place?

I've only tried to download the slots games.

I have got to tell ya'all...in the 2 weeks I've tried to play at Hype Casino, I've not been able to download one single slot game yet!

(Think: Red Hot $$ in my Virtual Hand waiting to be spent!!)

May I add that I have NEVER had a problem downloading, or playing, on ANY OTHER online casino I've tried!!

So, what's the deal?

Your problem sounds network-related to me. If you are running a firewall, please check that you have allowed downloads and uploads through it. I would advise turning it off temporarily to see if that works. (Done via the "security center" in windows control panel) .

Also, go to www.hypegaming.com and download the latest version, and install that. If you are able to login, download 1 game at a time, and let it complete before starting any more.

The games downloading process and speed were vastly improved in the latest version of the software.

If none of that works, I am happy to help you on a 1 on 1 basis :). Just send me a PM.

If you would like to contact support directly, you can go to:
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Their email is support@hypesupport.com.

Hope it helps,
Tristan L,
Hype Gaming.
Ok, an update. I received an email saying they looked into my problem and they will have tech support on call on weekends now.

They even gave me a nice little gift into my account which I didn't expect and I blew it in less than 2 minutes (still a tad out of sorts so I didn't care and just dumped it), but hey, at least they are now "hearing" me and "trying". All is good for now. Thanks, Hype..(wish I didn't blow those few bucks so quickly out of spite now, since I feel better! :lolup: )

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