hustlergames, are they hustling me ?


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Dec 2, 2001

I played this casino with parlay entertainment software. I depositted 100$ and got 100$ of bonus. I read the rules, which required me to wait for a period of 10 days in order to make a valid cashin. I did exactly this, and withdrew.
Their rules stated that withdrawals take 72 hours to process. So i cashed out a 280$.
Then after 72 hours no money, i post them a message trough the casino software, and they say it will take a couple of more days for some funds to clear by bank transfer to their neteller account.
Ok, i am thinking, no prob, i just wait a couple more days. Then after 4 more days, still no cash, and i ask, and same excuse.
Now today i am getting REALLY worried, because when i try to enter their homepage, i get to the software providers page and i cant login to the software at all.
I today mailed to parlaygroup sales to see whats up, but im worried, should i make a pitch a bitch, and is there anything you could do about it bryan?
All help apreciated.

Damn, i deposited there too and am waiting for a withdrawal. I didn't realise their website was down until i read this post. Maybe their website has been hijacked? I dunno....
I dont think it has been hijacked. The page that comes up is their software providers....


Is bryan not available at the moment? No comments to this issue yet.
Ofcourse hes resources are limited, and i dont expect him to be looking at this all of the time. So ill wait patiently, just thinking do you guys know if he is not around. I made pitch a bitch about 5 days ago.


I am strongly beginning to think we wont be seeing a dime of our own money or winnings ;(
Lets see when the meister returns, can he do something, but this is very frustrating.
The domain started to redirect to, where i have now emailed (no response). I also emailed to, no response from there either .
Now domain is totally inactive, it doesnt redirect to anywhere ....
It is a sad sad thing, that casinos can just disappear leaving players unpaid, and the casino software owners arent doing anything about it.
Does anyone know is it possible to do a chargeback with neteller? I guess not....

You can definitely file a complaint with them via phone & email. They may be able to do something for you. Nothing to lose by trying.
Wow, they didn't last long.
Complain to Neteller.
Parlay is a subsidiary of publically traded Dot Com Entertainment.
I wrote to Parlay Group a second time and got the following response:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You will be receiving and email from the administrator of Hustler Games acknowledging that the site has been temporarily turned down and a refund of your funds is in the process of being sent to you. This should occur in the next day or so. I would appreciate a follow up email from you to verify that everything has been handled to your satisfaction.

On behalf of our licensee, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Sincere Regards,

Ted Colivas
dot com Entertainment Group


So maybe we do have a chance of getting our money back. I am going to wait a couple of days and if I don't get anything from the administrators, i will write back to the people at DCEG.
Only your deposit back? How about your winning?
This post will ensure all the players to stay away from these low life in the future.

Sent email directly to tcolivas, no reply. Then i sent an email to neteller. Now things seem to be moving atleast a bit.
It seem that i will get my own deposit of 100$ back, and possibly winnings too.
I will post here how it goes. Good advice mary.....

Is parlay entertainment offer a fair game?
I am just wondering becuase I am about to try one myself.
Good luck on getting paid.
We've just sent a press query to Parlay-DCEG on this matter, and we will post the results here when they are to hand. It looks like complaints to Neteller might be warranted here to put a little pressure on Parlay, too.

BTW they had a significant exhibition presence at GIGSE.
here is the case

I contacted neteller about this, and they refunded my original deposit. They sent an inquiry to the merchant, and the merchant should wire some funds to their neteller account, and send me the winnings this week... Hopefully everything goes as planned....
It has only been allmost 2 months ;).. But im happy as long as i get paid.

I am owed $100 of my deposit and $50 in winnings.

Kavaman, did you just contact the support at neteller and explain how had just dissapeared with your money? Do they require any additional information?

Sorry it took me so long to answer. Yes i did what dealerbusts asks. Complained to neteller, and they seem to try handle it from there on. I already recieved my initial deposit back. They are now trying to inquire the casino about paying me the rest of my withdrawal... The casino already said they will, but the money was supposed to be on my neteller last week, nothing nada...

Neteller vs Hustlergames

Ok. They havent been able to get me my winnings back, and i am strongly starting to think they wont be able to get them ;(..
Now where to turn next.. Good question? Deposit has been paid back..

I still haven't received my deposit back despite contacting neteller and them telling me that they will look into it. The guys at DCEG said they would get back to me but they haven't.....i would advise players against playing at casinos powered by Dot Com Entertainment because they do not seem to want to take any responsibility regarding this matter and that does not inspire confidence.
I have repeatedly experienced similar bad communications treatment from DCEG on this and other issues, and I am inclined to agree with DealerBusts here.

Does anyone know what the story is with Hustlergames?
I think the casino went into receivership. Today I got my refund back after contacting neteller who made an inquiry to the new management. I'm still missing my $50 winnings and i doubt i'll see that. Fortunately i didn't win big there.
Still waiting

Still waiting for the winnings of mine. Hope i will see them.. Deposit has been paid back.. I think its about a 50/50 shot still for the winnings..


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