Huge traffic drop after server issues


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Mar 18, 2014
Hi all forum members. First of all I d like to thank everyone who will waste his time & maybe try to help me ;)

So the story started like end of January/ beginning of February. My website hosted on bluehost was experiencing like 40-50 downtimes of 5 mins to 10 mins a day for a 3-4 consecutive days.

I was crazy, that Bluehost support didnt want to help me and keeps claiming the problem is not on their side.

So during that 3-4 days I was installing fresh copies of wordpress, upgrading, downgrading the versions of Wordpress, switching off all plugins and so on. There was even a problem with auto-update of wordpress or intallation of a new theme (I had to do all manually during that 3-4 days.) So I was still asking bluehost whats going on for that 3-4 days and finally in a 5th day they told me they've installed fresh copy of a wordpress from their side and everything works.
Few days later I noticed that someone from the support have deleted sitemap from server during that installation and meesed up categories & tags (when I was clicking on tag or categories there was 404 error.)

So I fixed that tags & categories error few days later and I created & submitted the new sitemap for google webmasters tools. Also on GWT I had many reports of:
- google cannot access your site
- 1000s of not found URLS
- broken and weird links
All that was after that 3-4 days of server downtime.

Then in middle of February my traffic went horribly down to the 10!!! page views a day, while previously it was between 300 and 500 PV daily (now its between 40 and 60 but still from GOOGLE traffic is very little, while previosuly it was 80-90% of all traffic). Im not sure what to do now, what to check even, so maybe some of you got any ideas & time to let me know where to look at least.

Thanks in advance.


Jul 25, 2013
Did you try your site in different browsers? If somethings broken, it's possible that only some browsers can load the page, which can cause huge traffic drop because google is getting tons of errors. You can check with the HTML Validator.

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