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This casino does not comply with the rules of responsible gaming, they open a player account again even if I was permanently closed. customer does not care about anything and the manager is not interested, I do not.

I myself have had the Game Tech Group NV, in other casinos because of responsible gaming accounts closed. Obviously, they should not have to open the game mode again?

Now they do not have any information about it that I finally closed my account, so there is no evidence for this fact against them. I do not believe that pay profits even when you feel that this thing is really hard for them.

In fact, I lost this matter will 670e, for it can not but feel so bad, but it is big money.

The reason why availen old accounts is the fact that I have had more than 500 accounts in different casinos and everything is closed because of responsible gaming. I can not control gaming, so this responsibility casinos need to get to work. Generally, it works, but a few at fathers casinos among them is.

This is just a warning example to the casino, where nothing else works as a deposit.

Thank you!


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ask a admin to be put in the quit gambling group and access the quitting gambling section of this forum if you have issues with you gambling.


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Wow 500 acct,s is way over the top and you may wish to make sure that you stay far away from gaming of any sort. AGC is not the place for a player with gaming problems. They are a tough group to deal with even on a good day.Have a good one and stay out of trouble!I agree with randomiam.Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff