does not give the bonus


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Aug 3, 2004
Last week i deposited 50euro in betotocasino(thecroupiercasino).
The casino says that the 100% is given after a little minutes.
After 5 days nothing,I sent 3 email to support but nothing answer.
Someone may yuo tell what can i do?
thank yuo
I had the same problem with them. They are a BAW clone ( bet and win ). Send an email in every email address you find in their site. I had the same problem and after several emails they credit me the bonus. They said that I didn't clicked on a banner they have in their sportsbook. Anyway, they were so stupid to finally give me the bonus twice, by mistake of course, so I do not complain. DO not play there without the bonus. It does not deserve. CS is really awful.. The games are very nice for me and I think chartwell has done a great job. But CS blows it all away. If you like the software, try finding other sites. Casinomeister has Spin Room, I think, in his list.

A number of us had problems with theCroupier reneging on the bonus and closing people's accounts if they actually won money. In the end we threatened to contact Chartwell and magically the money started appearing. May be worth a try.
You would have been lucky to get a response from Chartwell - they have been one the most consistently "hands off" turnkey providers for years, although the Meister and I had a useful discussion with their CEO in Barcelona which at least opens a tentative channel.

Their stated policy, despite shifts in the way both providers and players look at the disputes topic, has consistently been to use the "We're only the software provider and we don't get involved in player-casino incidents"

That has to change if they want to move forward, and in any case their involvement with the Alderney jurisdiction and aspirations in Europe may influence their policies in this regard.
betoto has given me the bonus

today betoto has given me the bonus,finnally!
write the problem on casino meister forum and after all resolved
thank yuo casino meister
I had problems with them, too.

After some complaints they finally gave me the bonus. I have cashed out on friday, waiting for the money.
jetset said:
Email this guy, who is a senior manager in the BAW International division that looks after betoto - he will help, I'm sure. If you can't get satisfaction post back here:

Just by way of an update on this, the above named exec has now moved on and is replaced by the following if you have any hassles with this operation:

Tomer Katz (

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