How would you view this sweepstakes drawing?

How many Drawings should they have had?

  • One Drawing

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Two Drawings

    Votes: 9 90.0%

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Aug 1, 2006
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Being a tad upset now because no one seems to want to answer my questions about a contest drawing that they had on their site, I figured I would run a poll here and get some feedback from others to see how they interpret this contest.

Some background first.
1. This is an accreditted casino
2. It ran on the promotions page for the full month of October and November and was pulled on December 1st.
3. They had one drawing some time in December and did award the prizes.
4. There are two contest drawings in the promotion. One was free to enter the other required a $25.00 deposit per entry.

The reason I am running this poll is that I keep asking about the second drawing but no one seems to care to answer me and yes I have asked the rep on here several times. I can't complain too much I guess, I did win the $1000.00 in the first drawing but I made over 25 deposits in that two month span and in the back of my mind thinking each one per month was being applied to a seperate drawing. In essence I believe I paid entry fee's into two drawings not just one so I am interested as to how others view this situation.

Here is the promotional page and rules for the contest.
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I voted "2 drawings". That's the way I interpreted the rules. (I don't see the results of a vote showing though). I hope you get this issue resolved soon and to your satisfaction.
Congratulations on your $1.000 win! Bet that felt good huh? :thumbsup:
I tried to see if there was an option I missed in posting the poll so it will show the results but I couldn't edit the poll :-(. Thanks, it was nice get get that $1000, it did help a lot even though I gave most of it back in the slots lol.
Excuse my but my complaining was done with far more cynicism , don't insult me and class me together with such amateur moaners !


Ouch T_B, I think Brutal can take a joke!! :thumbsup: ;)
It clearly states both can be entered by qualifying separately, thus if both criteria were met, both draws should be entered.

It isn't that they only held one of the drawings between the free one and the paid one I wish I could edit the post now since the point is that they ran both sweepstakes for two months on their website and only had one drawing all together. It ran for two months, it says enter monthly for monthly prizes, they never did have the second months drawing or award any prizes at all.
i voted for "you won $1,000 and you're complaining? who do you think you are, brutaldeluxe?"

lol yep for once I am complaining since it isn't like it was some free contest. They charged an entry fee and stated the contest would be held on a monthly basis and ran it for two months then only did one month of drawings instead of two months one for each month. That is like buying tickets to a raffle and they decide not to hold the raffle but keep your money. If it were all free entries I doubt I would question it as much, this is not something I expected from an accredited casino on here.
Could the person that voted for only one drawing please respond on how they came to that choice since it ran for two months and states it is a monthly drawing but they only had one drawing over the course of two months. Just curious as to how you think they should only have had one drawing over that span. Thanks.

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