How would you read into this bonus offer?


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May 25, 2005
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Just curious as to how some of you would read this offer?
The way i read it was 150% up to $75. The first thing that pops out at you is $75 free. Seems i read it wrong.


Welcome to Miami Paradise Casino. As a first time player, we're giving you up to 150% in FREE MONEY. Come experience real casino fun at Miami Paradise Casino.

$45 FREE on your first purchase of $30


$75 FREE on your first purchase of $75

GBP () Bonus: Get 75 FREE

GBP () Purchasing players qualify for a 75% match bonus of 75 on a purchase of 100.

In order to claim the download bonus, simply make the required purchase, and your account will be AUTOMATICALLY credited with the free money due to you within 5 - 8 hours (terms and conditions apply).

** Please note that these new FREE Download (initial) Bonus is in effect from 15 November 2005 until further notice. During this time no other Download Bonuses is valid.
It is offering 150% free on a $30 deposit. So you get $45 free.
It is offering 100% match on a $75 deposit. So you get $75 free then.

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