How would you interpret this offer?

Mr Shine

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Oct 30, 2012
I think I am clearly owed £100 by Sky Casino.

The offer given for all hands of £25 or more:

We’ve hidden a number of cash bonuses for you to find while you play Blackjack & Roulette. There is no need to opt in, if you trigger the cash bonus it will be credited to you! Simply meet the criteria below, and you’ll be given your bonus, in cash!

Keep checking back as we’ll be mixing up what in-play bonuses are available to you.

5 Card Charlie – Win a hand with 5 cards on Blackjack and we’ll give you £50 cash

Double Zero – see two 0’s in a row while playing roulette and we’ll give you £25 cash

Lucky Number 13 – See two 13’s in a row while playing Roulette, and we’ll give you £113 cash

Blackjack Insurance - If you're unlucky enough to lose 10 hands of blackjack in a row we'll give you £50 cash!

Double Blackjack – If you hit blackjack twice in a row on a single hand we’ll give you £50 in cash.

I played a lot of blackjack, and got paid out on all my 5-card Charlies but I didn't get paid out on double blackjacks. To my mind the repeated use of "in a row" throughout all the offers establishes the phrase as meaning "sequentially, one after the other". The single hand obviously refers to players who play multiple hands, so if hand 4 gets a BJ then hand 3 no bonus but if hand 4 gets a BJ then hand 4 gets another then bonus.

First time I got 2 consecutive BJs and no payout the CSR assured me it would pay out when I completed the offer I was in the middle of. I got another one in the meantime, and no payout at the conclusion. After a lolt of chat, I was then offered the explanation that the offer means you need to get 2 BJs at once. I think this makes no sense, as the phrase "in a row" is clearly sequential. If they meant "at the same time" they should have used that phrase or similar. Which interpretation(s) is/are valid?


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Jan 8, 2016
Twice in a row on a single hand ? Doesn't make any sense at all really but I think if you were only able to get the bonus if playing multiple hands at the same time then this should be emphasised

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